Underground Theater takes its efforts to provide patrons with the best organization possible very seriously. As we reported a few weeks ago, our I.T. development team are working hard to get the database fully functional as quickly as possible. It has taken longer than anticipated, and as compensation, we have extended the expiration dates of all patrons who purchased their memberships prior to March 6 by two months, setting them to expire on May 1, 2015, regardless of original purchase date.

In our last announcement, we asked that troupes track experience points for their characters on paper, separate from the online database, while work on the database continues. For a short time longer, that continues to be the case. However, we would like to encourage patrons to resume entering their characters into the database. This will help us to begin evaluating functionality once more.

Any bugs or issues found should be reported here: http://support.undergroundtheater.org.

Here are the latest updates made to the database, which, now that the database is more stable, we will be sharing on a more regular basis going forward:

  • Warning on trait purchase. Now, when you buy a trait in the character creator or in the spend xp screen, it will ask you if you are sure. It will tell you how much xp it will cost, and how much you will have left and what your merit total will be if applicable.
  • Fixed the trait approval screen. ST’s and admins can now click on the Sheets button and see all of their characters’ unapproved traits. It looks a little weird, but it’s functional.
  • Fixed the printing of character sheets. When clicking print, it will split into two pages if it is too long for one. Added health levels, common test pools, and beast traits. Added room for more than two crafts, performances, and sciences. Added space for rituals, specializations (planned for 1.03.06), elder powers, techniques, and special merit related traits.

Trouble merits that have been adjusted:

  • Infernal Power. Added a new Gifts trait type. This will allow characters to buy one of three infernal gifts. They will be given the major and minor effect.
  • Infernal Heritage. This will allow characters to buy one of three infernal gifts and be given the major and minor effect. This is in addition to the one granted by infernal power. This will also add the Path of Evil Revelations merit for free.
  • Unnatural Adaptation. Added a new trait type “Unnatural Adaptation”. Nos Characters will be allowed to buy two of these after they buy the Unnatural Adaptation merit.
  • Rugged. Adds extra health levels to the character sheet.
  • Our I.T. team is next going to address usability, and other merit fixes are currently in the works as well. We’ll have more specifics for those next week.

Thank you all for your continued interest, excitement and participation in Underground Theater, and we look forward to continuing to make this organization the best LARP experience possible!

The Underground Theater board of directors