A key part of what makes Underground Theater different from other organizations is our unique online character database offering players, storytellers and troupes a fantastic technological tool to make game management easier and more convenient. It is an ambitious, complex project that continues to be under development even as we pass our desired timeline for completion.

As many of our patrons have reported, some errors and bugs in the database program still exist. Work on this situation continues under our I.T. Director Michael King and his development staff, but unfortunately, it may take several more months for all of these issues to be resolved.

Underground Theater recognizes that our “product” is an interconnected group of LARP troupes and the online database necessary for running such troupes. As patrons, the membership donation is “payment” for use of those products. While the Underground Theater troupes and universe are live and running, the database is still an imperfect product. The board of directors recognizes this, and would like to offer our sincere apology.

As a thank you to our patrons for their understanding in the delay of delivery of a fully functioning database, ALL current Underground Theater patrons will be receiving a free extension on their membership. All patron membership expiration dates will be set to expire on May 1, 2015, regardless of original purchase date. This means that even if you purchased your membership in January of 2014, you will not need to renew until May 1 of next year.
While we await completion of the database, individual troupes are asked to track experience points for their characters on paper, separate from the online database. Communication between traveling characters and their storytellers will be necessary to ensure XP is recorded for attending other games. In the future, as part of the continued development of the database, an interface to allow storytellers to adjust backdated experience points will be added.

Should any patron feel that the clashroyale boom delay in completion of the database is unreasonable and wish to leave Underground Theater, a full refund for the membership amount paid may be requested at underground.theater.payments@gmail.com.

Going forward, there are a few things patrons can do to help us resolve this situation quickly. First, if you are someone with a strong knowledge of the Python coding language and would be willing to volunteer to help our development team, email undergroundtheaterbod@gmail.com with your resume and we will contact you shortly. Secondly, constructive feedback on experiences with the database is invaluable to our development team, particularly when you encounter issues. Please send database feedback to undergroundtheaterbod@gmail.com.
Thank you all for your continued interest, excitement and participation in Underground Theater, and we look forward to continuing this adventure together.

The Underground Theater board of directors