I would like to take the opportunity to thank the Andrew and Cari Allen for volunteering for Database and Tech Support Admin, respectively.  We’re still looking for two more Tech Support Admins. As Technical Support Admin, Cari will be helping us catch up on the long-overdue tickets and questions on our support site, as well […]

For about 5 days, we’ve had a bug in the database causing havoc with time zones and traits.  This should now be fixed.  If you’re seeing longer than a few minutes for approvals to appear, or the character creator still fails for you, please try a new character and have your LST kill and delete […]

In our continuing efforts to improve things based on feedback from LSTs, we have added a “Delete” button to the database for storytellers. This feature is now live. If you are an LST for a game in the database or “Admin” in the database (not an Underground Theater Administrator, not a Troupe “Admin”), you will be able […]

Underground Theater will be hosting Camarilla and Sabbat at Nashville by Night. Plot teasers for each venue’s event can be found below. Camarilla/Anarch – Friday 6PM-2AM and Saturday 6PM-2AM The recent appointment of Theo Bell of Clan Brujah to Justicar has left an open seat within the Archons of the Ivory Tower. As Justicar Bell […]

As Underground Theater continues to grow and develop, our staffing needs increase as well. Michael King, the UT Chief of Technology, is pleased to announce the hiring of Andrew Allen from our Tampa troupe as Database Administrator. This position will assist the Chief of Technology in day-to-day database administration tasks for UT staff and Patrons, […]