Underground Theater will be hosting Camarilla and Sabbat at Nashville by Night. Plot teasers for each venue’s event can be found below.


Camarilla/Anarch – Friday 6PM-2AM and Saturday 6PM-2AM
The recent appointment of Theo Bell of Clan Brujah to Justicar has left an open seat within the Archons of the Ivory Tower. As Justicar Bell calls forth a Conclave to Nashville to celebrate his new position with a Rave and Salon, quiet rumors have begun to circulate that there is an ulterior motive for the gather. Will one of the populace of the Camarilla be appointed to take the open Archon position? Is there some unseen force at work in the city the Justicar hopes to lure into the open? Or is there something more sinister at play…?

Sabbat – Thursday 5PM-12AM and Saturday 12PM-5PM
Cardinal Dazhdbog has called for the Sabbat to meet in Nashville, Tennessee. The signs have pointed to a great upheaval occurring in that city. The Setites and Giovanni have announced that they will be hosting a meeting of their clans to announce a grand achievement. Beyond that, a coterie of Tremere, Kolduns and Assamite Sorcerers have claimed Nashville as theirs. Now is the time for the Sabbat to test their mettle, now is the time to punish traitors and now is the time to destroy those that openly revere their Antideluvian. Can the Sabbat rise to the challenges that face them and make the right choices, or will they fall and watch as all they worked towards is smashed in to dust?