I would like to take the opportunity to thank the Andrew and Cari Allen for volunteering for Database and Tech Support Admin, respectively.  We’re still looking for two more Tech Support Admins.

As Technical Support Admin, Cari will be helping us catch up on the long-overdue tickets and questions on our support site, as well as helping with password resets and Patronage issues when possible.  She will report to Andrew and the Chief of Technology, but no standard report is necessary.

As Database Administrator, Andrew will be helping us maintain the database.  This will include updating incorrect traits and trait costs, adding new traits when possible, deleting bad characters or extra accounts and much more.  In addition, he handles the tickets the Tech Support Admins cannot.

I will be continuing to assist in every way I can, but we can now focus some of our energy on getting the last remaining major bugs fixed in the portal.   Better things are coming, including major changes to how we will interface with it in the future, more flexibility, more intuitive design and better views of the Troupe, Games and Character lists.