The official Underground Theater Wiki is now available for all players and Patrons to use. It can be found here. If you require any assistance with the Wiki, feel free to contact our Wiki Administrator, Sam Swicegood, at and he will be happy to assist you.

There are templates available for in-character pages, both for cities and for individual characters, and there are out-of-character templates for player profiles as well. There are some helpful links on the main page if you have trouble remembering wiki formatting or function.

As a reminder:

The primary function of the wiki is to facilitate players in connecting with other players within the organization as a whole. At this time, any information posted to a character page that is not otherwise labeled as out of character will be considered part of the in-game continuity and common knowledge. The LST for any given character has final say on what information from an Underground Theater wiki page is and is not permitted in their game.