Greetings everyone!

As you all know, the UT’s event at Nashville by Night is going to beSeptember 18 – 21.

We’re hoping to get a little help with ambiance from patrons who are coming (If you want to help, but aren’t coming, just send what we’re asking for with someone you trust!).

Our set up is: Theo Bell is having a two night shindig. The first night is going to be a Rave-type party; the second night is a fancy art gallery showing. Theo will be looking for kindred who would be willing to host such parties (he’ll be looking for a few characters who would, and who will be at the event).

To help create atmosphere, we’re asking if there’s any artists and/or musicians in our ooc ranks that would like to display their work at the event. Two and three-dimensional work, along with music, are all welcome.

Visual arts will be displayed during the art showing, along with playing any music that fits.
Any harder music will be used for the Rave.

If your character would be interested in hosting either event or you wish to contact us about bringing/sending a piece of art, please contact the NbN Cam/Anarch staff at

IC announcements will begin to be posted shortly!

Thanks! and can’t wait to see everybody there!

Carie Varner
LST- NbN Cam/Anarch