Only five days left before the deadline of noon Wednesday, Nov. 26, to get your name on the Underground Theater fan group guest list. Clicking on the “Reserve Your $20 Admission” button below and filling out the form will place your name on our guest list. Then, when you arrive at Con Nooga at the Chattanooga […]

Patrons of the Underground, Underground Theater is nearing its first anniversary. It’s been a long journey and we’re so very proud of how far we’ve all come together in building this community of friends who game with one another. A lot has changed since the informal first few troupes hesitantly tested the new LARP rules […]

Underground Theater is excited to announce our next national event game is being held at the multi-fandom convention, Con Nooga, on Feb. 27-March 1, 2015! Con Nooga is a large convention held in Chattanooga, Tennessee every spring at the Chattanooga Choo Choo and the Chattanooga Convention Center. Nearly 4,000 fans of science fiction, role-playing games, […]