Patrons of the Underground,

Underground Theater is nearing its first anniversary. It’s been a long journey and we’re so very proud of how far we’ve all come together in building this community of friends who game with one another. A lot has changed since the informal first few troupes hesitantly tested the new LARP rules system. As we prepare to enter year two, we’ll be sharing with you all a few new ideas and things that will continue to grow and improve our organization.

Today, we’d like to share with you all the first of these dramatic changes.

From the inception of UT, the desire to have an online character database with all of the benefits such a system would entail was a major goal. The result of a great deal of planning, time and work toward that system is the current online database, known as GameHeart. As any patron who has used it knows, it still does not meet our needs.

We have heard all of the concerns from patrons, and we have listened and acted upon them.

As of today, GameHeart will no longer be the official database of Underground Theater. Last week, a committee was formed to begin work on a new database. This new database, called “Willow,” is being built from the ground up, from scratch. The initial programming has already begun, but we are not far enough along to share any timetable or completion date, though the goal is, of course, to be finished as quickly as an undertaking such as this can be.

If you are interested in helping with this committee and have an understanding of the game, we are looking for:

  • Python developers
  • Javascript developers (Angular and JQuery)
  • API gurus (RESTful and Swagger)
  • Designers (HTML5 and bootstrap 3.x)
  • Testers

We are also willing to have help from patrons who are interested in learning any of those things.

If you are interested in helping, please email

You may be wondering, what does this mean for GameHeart? For now, it means nothing changes. If you and your troupe use GameHeart in its current incarnation, you can continue doing so. If you and your troupe use some other means to track characters, you can continue doing so. The only immediate change is that further development on GameHeart is now at an end.

The patron experience is important to Underground Theater. The organization is a big ship – sometimes it turns slowly – but making UT the greatest LARP community and organization of games will always be our guiding light.

Thank you all!

The Board of Directors