We’ve been listening to some patron suggestions about Secondary characters. Patrons have been expressing the desire for Secondary characters to have the opportunity to earn some experience points. It was also expressed that doing so should also have some restrictions to ensure that Secondary characters are not being abused or being used to help out their own player’s Primary character. After a few months of discussion and working out exactly how this can work, we’re pleased to announce this awesome new change to the way Secondary PCs work!

Effective immediately for the month of December, the following policy will be in effect:

Secondary characters belonging to Patrons with current memberships are allowed to earn and apply the Floor XP (4 XP) for each month that they are actively played. “Actively played” is defined as the player signing into an Underground Theater game and playing this Secondary PC exclusively for that game. If the player plays his Primary character in the same gameplay session, the player receives the XP for attending that game on his Primary PC only, and nothing on the Secondary PC.

Secondary characters are not allowed any extra XP beyond the 4 Floor XP each month. All additional XP awards earned by a Secondary PC (such as RP awards, downtime awards, etc.) are lost. They may not be earned by the Secondary PC and then be applied to the player’s Primary PC.

Finally, Secondary characters may not teach disciplines and may only take downtime actions after games in which they have been Actively Played.

This policy is not retroactive – there will not be any backdated Secondary character XP. Also, the current (old) database does not support this function, so it will need to be tracked however your current storytellers prefer.

Please feel free to ask any questions, throw any celebratory parties or just quietly go on playing your local troupe!