As we welcome a new game in North Carolina focusing on the Independent Alliance, the board of directors recognized that By Night Studios did not produce setting rules for the IA. After a great deal of discussion and research, we are now implementing setting specific rules for IA. Independent Alliance-based games will be part of the Camarilla/Anarch setting of our chronicle.

Any questions concerning this change should be directed to our vice president, Mike Rilee.



The following is a modification from the existing Camarilla and Anarch Settings found in the BNS MET Book. This document adds the ability to have Independent Alliance games within the Underground Theater camarilla/anarch chronicle, and further restates and clarifies that a character’s Rarity Cost is based on the Sect that character is a member of (Camarilla members pay Camarilla costs, Anarchs pay Anarch costs, Independent Alliance pay Independent Alliance costs and Autarkis or otherwise unaligned default to the Camarilla costs in the Cam/Anarch/IA setting).  All existing Giovanni and Followers of Set who are specifically members of the Independent Alliance should have the Rarity Cost associated with playing those characters refunded as XP by their storytellers to match the Rarity Costs outlined below.

While a Storyteller may not modify the Rarity Costs for characters, the storyteller does always have final say on what character types are permitted within their game.
Common Clans (available at no cost):

A setting’s common clans are the most appropriate for play. There is no additional cost for playing a clan that is common to your chronicle’s setting.

Common clans include:  Followers of Set, Giovanni

All other clans are ineligible for membership in the Independent Alliance.
Local Politics and Positions

Don/Dona (Giovanni): The Don (or Dona) serves as the clan leader for the Giovanni within a city.

Hierophant (Followers of Set): The Hierophant acts as the clan leader and religious head of the Followers of Set in a city.

Emissary: In each domain that the Alliance is present, each clan appoints an Emissary to the other. The Emissary serves as witness to any notable dealings with the other clan and serves as arbiter to any disputes between them.

The positions outlined here are universal and mandatory.  Governance beyond the treaty and this document is left to local decision and is not binding to other domains.

The IA setting does not have a status system.

The Independent Alliance is bound by the Treaty of Alliance on p. 38 of MET: VtM.


Independent Alliance characters may select Merits and Flaws from their Clan Merits and Flaws list and from the General Merits and Flaws list. In addition, they may also select from the following:

Setting-Specific Merits
+1 Antiquities (p. 404)

+1 Emissary to the Camarilla (p. 404)

+2 Fanatic (p. 453 – Replace references to “Caine” with “Set.”  This Merit is restricted to Followers of Set)

+2 Master of Puppets (p. 404)

+1 Monopoly (p. 405)

+1 Wild One (p. 487)

Setting-Specific Flaws
-3 Untrained Combatant (p. 405)