Patrons of the Underground, We are so excited to announce the winners of the 2015 Patronage Contest! The First Place prize of an Underground Theater T-shirt, one “Bright Lights City”-level badge for entry into Las Vegas by Night and one hotel room at the Palms Casino and Resort for Thursday, Friday, and Saturday nights was won by Sean Noble from Wisconsin! […]

Patrons of the Underground, There’s been some confusion about Las Vegas by Night and the Blood & Betrayal game being held there. First, Underground Theater is having three events: Thursday Night: UT Sabbat in the Sky Villa Friday Night: UT Out of Character Social in the Sky Villa Saturday Night: UT Camarilla/Anarch in the Sky […]

Patrons of the Underground, The board of directors is excited to clarify and update the Floor XP rules for the org. The changes have been made based on the feedback of patrons – your voice matters! The most significant change is that Floor XP is now an actual, true Floor. This means no character belonging […]

We’d like to welcome our new Treasurer, Jennifer Mims! Jennifer graduated from Guilford College with two degrees in computers and one in forensic science. During the day, she is a programmer for a large financial institution where she is known as “The Bug Master”; by night, she gets her geek on. Jenn started role-playing in […]

Patrons of the Underground, Want to go to Vegas!?!?! You have just five days left to enter the 2015 Patron Drive Raffle! Underground Theater has put together a collection of awesome prize packages, including free hotel room and entry badge to Las Vegas by Night! And to make sure everyone has a chance, we’ve extended the contest […]