Patrons of the Underground,

The board of directors is excited to clarify and update the Floor XP rules for the org. The changes have been made based on the feedback of patrons – your voice matters!

The most significant change is that Floor XP is now an actual, true Floor. This means no character belonging to a paid patron can ever have less than the Floor, regardless of Primary or Secondary status.

The Patron Handbook will updated in the coming week, and we’ll announce when that happens.

Here’s the new Floor XP policy:

Floor XP

It always is rough losing a character. Because of this, Underground Theater has created a concept called Floor Experience Points, or Floor XP. Only characters belonging to paid patrons receive Floor XP.

Floor XP is a lump sum of experience points that a character receives when it is created and approved, and is a minimum XP level for all approved characters belonging to paid patrons, both Primary and Secondary. No paid patron character will ever have less than the Floor XP amount on their sheet.

Floor XP is updated on the first of each month and is 4 XP per month for each month since the beginning of the current Underground Theater chronicle (see Chapter 5: The Organization). The current Floor XP can always be found on the homepage of Underground Theater’s website,

Floor XP is not the same as character creation XP, and does not include the 30 XP all characters receive at creation per the Mind’s Eye Theatre rulebook. With the character’s LST’s approval, a player may purchase common out-of-clan Disciplines with Floor XP beyond the three dots that are allowed during character creation, but may not purchase an out-of-clan Discipline higher than level three with Floor XP.

Primary characters that, through inactivity or other means, fall below the Floor XP level will automatically receive experience points to bring and keep them at the current Floor XP minimum.

Secondary characters ONLY earn Floor XP, and do not earn XP from any other source. This means all Secondary characters will always have a number of XP equal to the current Floor XP minimum.


~Ryan, Director of Communications