Patrons of the Underground,

There’s been some confusion about Las Vegas by Night and the Blood & Betrayal game being held there.

First, Underground Theater is having three events:

  • Thursday Night: UT Sabbat in the Sky Villa
  • Friday Night: UT Out of Character Social in the Sky Villa
  • Saturday Night: UT Camarilla/Anarch in the Sky Villa

These are the only events Underground Theater is officially running.

Secondly, on Friday night in the Moon, the folks from By Night Studios, the publishing company behind the rulebook we use, are running an event called Blood & Betrayal 2.

Blood & Betrayal is not an Underground Theater game. It is a one-shot event story being ran by BNS. You cannot show up with your UT character sheet and play there, and the events that occur in that game will not be canon in the UT universe.

Now, there are two caveats we want to make clear:

  1. The BNS storytellers have said that if you would like to recreate your UT character using their character creation rules for this event, you may. Just remember, when you play that character again in Underground Theater, you can’t reference those events or use knowledges gained from those events in UT – they didn’t happen in our chronicle.
  2. The events of Blood & Betrayal 2 may affect future rulebooks and supplementary materials put out by By Night Studios, including changes to core genre such as Independent Alliance membership. Should this occur, after the Las Vegas event concludes, the UT content team may review the events portrayed at Blood & Betrayal 2 and make rulings on whether or not and how to integrate those changes in Underground Theater’s chronicle.

Underground Theater has a healthy relationship with By Night Studios, and we enjoy their rulebook. We have no intent to ignore future publications by them, but we do need to look at any changes they make to the established canon so that we may integrate them into our chronicle smoothly.

We hope this clears up any confusion! Have fun in Vegas!