Patrons of the Underground, After a year and a half of service, our Chief of Technology needs to move on to focus more on his professional role in the IT industry. As such, this means we need to begin looking for a volunteer to join the Board of Directors. Summary The Chief of Technology is […]

Greetings Patrons of the Underground, Several patrons and storytellers have questioned the use of the status trait, “Favored” in relation to bloodhunts. After reviewing the rule book and careful discussion, the Content Team finds it implausible that a fleeting status that every elder in the Camarilla may give out is intended to ignore all negative consequences […]

Patrons of the Underground, Our Canon and Continuity Storyteller Dan Wright has stepped down so that he can pursue some personal goals, and we want to give him a great big, “Thank you” for all he has done to help our content team! As such, we are now looking for someone to fill his shoes. The  Canon […]

Patrons of the Underground, We have heard from a lot of patrons that they are interested in playing Sabbat and Blood & Betrayal (the BNS game) in Las Vegas, and that these two events are at the same time. In response to this, we are switching the UT out of character social and the UT […]