Patrons of the Underground,

After a year and a half of service, our Chief of Technology needs to move on to focus more on his professional role in the IT industry.

As such, this means we need to begin looking for a volunteer to join the Board of Directors.


The Chief of Technology is a voting member of the Board of Directors.  The majority of the technology work is providing services for our applications as managed by other board members and administrators.  Web services, application services and Google for Business management are the high-level tasks. Detail-level tasks include troubleshooting application issues, installing application updates, updating configuration per owner / user request and general development and production operations.
Required Skills
  • Linux systems administration
  • Tomcat administration
  • Nginx / Apache 2.4 administration
  • Oauth2 configuration basics
  • Google Services (Mail, Drive, Admin, public API configuration, etc)
  • Acute technical problem solving experience
  • Effective communication skills
  • Operations management
  • SSH / command-line in Linux / Unix-like operating systems
Desired Skills
  • Debian 7+ administration and automation
  • Python 2.x and Java 7 basics
  • Development Operations (DevOps)
  • Google API integration
  • Facebook API integration
  • Paypal API integration
  • Web and Application (tomcat / UWSGI) provisioning automation
  • GIT and Github
  • PHP application management (MediaWiki, WordPress)

Though much of the work in this role is quick, the job can be time-consuming for application releases. Steps have been taken on the path to full automation to reduce this. Troubleshooting skills necessary include critical thinking combined with knowing how to find answers if you don’t know it already. From a technology standpoint, this  job is not entry-level. Someone with years of experience may have trouble with some of the tasks –knowing how to ask for help is key. This position requires communication with each board member, especially the treasurer, and budgeting recurring costs.

If interested, please submit both a gaming and professional resume to: