We have a few new people we’re thrilled and excited to be welcoming on board the leadership team at Underground Theater!

Our first addition is our new board member, Amber Godat! Amber is our new Secretary, and had never played in a LARP prior to joining Underground Theater. She has been delighted by the Vampire IP in general, the generosity and warmth of our community, and the amazing creativity and passion of our players, story tellers and org leaders. Amber has a background in office management and law enforcement, and now spends her days as a free lance illustrator, costumer and homemaker. She is excited to be able donate her time, love of organization, documents, problem solving, resolution, and teamwork, as well as a fresh and open-minded perspective to a group of people who have fostered her into one of the best hobbies ever!

We’d also like to welcome our new Canon and Continuity Storyteller, Brandon Burton.  Brandon has been playing VtM for 21 years and brings his experience storytelling, working with non-profits, and as a continuity supervisor for a studio.  The Content Team is excited to have him on board!

Please welcome them aboard, and thank you to everyone who plays, story-tells or in any way helps us to keep this hobby and organization amazing.