The in-game story of the board game Monopoly is that a group of investors are all competing with one another to purchase and monetize as many properties as possible. At the end of the game, all of these investors total up their money and someone finishes the game with the most – A clear winner. […]

Patrons of the Underground~ Welcome to the very first Words from the Underground, our little blog in the corner of the World of Darkness. It seemed only fitting that the first entry be filled with the words of our own patrons, so it’s time to see the results of our Best Clan…EVER! survey. After passionate […]

Good afternoon Patrons of the Underground! Our Ombudsman, Spencer Castile, is stepping away to focus on some real life matters. He did an awesome job and we’re very thankful for the hard work he did while our Ombudsman. He’ll be around a bit longer as we find a replacement for him. As such, we’re looking […]