Good afternoon Patrons of the Underground!

Our Ombudsman, Spencer Castile, is stepping away to focus on some real life matters. He did an awesome job and we’re very thankful for the hard work he did while our Ombudsman. He’ll be around a bit longer as we find a replacement for him.

As such, we’re looking for a new Ombudsman! Are you fair, kind and good with people!?! Do you want to donate your time to help make Underground Theater a great place to play? Take a look at the job description below and consider if you’d be the right fit for the Ombudsman position:

The Ombudsman shall work as an independent neutral party to assist patrons and groups in the resolution of conflicts and concerns. The Ombudsman will act as the board contact for patrons throughout Underground Theater. The Ombudsman will also help identify issues in policies, processes and procedures that need attention, including their implementation and documentation. He or she will serve as an instrumental piece of the arbitration, player retention and recruitment processes, and shall perform such additional duties as may be required of the office. He or she may also install administrators at his or her leisure under the office of Ombudsman.

If you’re interested, please submit a professional and gaming resume to:!