Patrons of the Underground,

We’re so excited to announce to you all that we have a few new members of our administrative staff! Please join us in welcoming them aboard.

First off, welcome to our new Ombudsman, Sean Noble!

Sean is a real life vampire, spending his days working in a metal tube at 38,000 feet for a major airline, and his nights trotting the globe seeking his next adventure. Sean is relatively new to the LARP scene but has been with Underground Theater as a patron and then a Lead Storyteller since the organization began. Sean is one of the most approachable persons you will ever meet but be careful, he’ll talk your ears off if given the chance.

We’d also like to welcome our new Sabbat Organizational Storyteller, Ken Yost. Ken has been active in the Vampire community for over 20 years and brings experience as both a storyteller and player in both troupe games and larger organizations.  The Content Team is excited to have him on board as we head into Midwinter!

Thank you to everyone who applied for these positions, and a big thank you to Spencer and Matteo, who held these roles prior, for the hard work and dedication they showed while in those positions.