Patrons of the Underground,

As everyone knows, we are knee-deep in planning for the 2016 Grand Masquerade being held by By Night Studios in New Orleans on Sept. 1-5 this fall. We’re as excited as you are, and we can’t wait to share an amazing experience with all of you! If you haven’t gotten a ticket yet, you can do so here.

We recently announced our game schedule for this event. The plan was to run Camaralla/Anarch/IA on Thursday and Friday night, and Sabbat on Sunday. We have received a great deal of comments form our patrons about this schedule. Many of you are leaving on Sunday and, in particular, Sabbat players are concerned about not being able to play in their venue’s game for that reason. There are also a lot of questions about why Sabbat cannot just be played on Saturday night instead.

Scheduling event games at conventions that are run by other companies or organizations is often difficult. The convention organizers are usually trying to offer as many experiences to attendees as they can in a limited amount of convention space. They are also doing their best to maintain a fair balance in the opportunities they offer to each organization or group that desires to run games during their convention. The unfortunate reality is that this means Underground Theater does not always get to choose exactly when we run our games, which is the situation here.

Scheduling becomes even more complicated as we struggle to work with our staff availability and catering to your patron feedback, preferences and expectations.

We are currently looking into other alternatives to make sure as many of you can attend the games you want to play in as possible. As soon as we have an updated and revised schedule, we will announce it. Please know both By Night Studios and the Underground Theater staff are working to bring you the best options available with the intention of creating a fabulous experience for you to enjoy.

Thanks for understanding! You are all awesome!

~Ryan Faricelli
Director of Communications