Patrons of the Underground,

As Underground Theater prepares for the January launch of our Werewolf: The Apocalypse venue, we also need to fill positions on the content team. The first of those positions needed is the Werewolf Organizational Storyteller.

The job description is as follows:

The Werewolf Organizational Storyteller is the primary point of contact for all Lead Storytellers in the Werewolf venue for Underground Theater, and is responsible for the day-to-day operations of the Werewolf venue.

The WOST is responsible for the creation and running of the Werewolf venue’s five-year national plot, attending and running national and regional events, attending regular Content Team meetings with the Vice President, Werewolf Canon and Continuity Storyteller, Camarilla/Anarch/IA Organizational Storyteller, Sabbat Organizational Storyteller, and other duties as assigned by the Vice President.

The WOST works with LSTs to prepare selected plots for elevation to a regional-, national- or organizational-level story. The WOST also works with the Werewolf Canon and Continuity Storyteller in the management and implementation of all canon NPCs, as well as NPCs or institutions whose actions have a massive effect above the city level of troupes (such as the President of the United States, the Chancellor of Germany, the FBI or the CIA).

Any Lead Storyteller may reach out to the Werewolf OST to receive clarification on rules questions from the content management team and the WOST will act as liaison and advisor to the Vice President in those matters. Please send your gaming resume (including both player and storyteller experience) to Mike Rilee, the vice president of Underground Theater.

To everyone who is interested in the position, good luck! And remember, there are other Werewolf venue content team positions that the new WOST will be filling, so if you aren’t interested in this level of work, there will still be other ways to help!

The Board of Directors