Greetings Patrons of the Underground!

The Board of Directors are proud to announce our selection for the Werewolf: The Apocalypse Organizational Storyteller position. We received several applications, all from qualified individuals we would have been honored to have join our team. In the end, we had to select just one.

Join us in welcoming John Swinkels as Werewolf OST.

John is from Seattle, Washington, and currently works in marketing for a tabletop game company. He has worked in the gaming industry for the last five years, doing everything from QA to design on PC RPGs and tabletop games. John says he loves Werewolf “almost as much as Mage” and enjoys digging into the new setting. He has been a part of Underground Theater since February 2015, and considers it “home.” He also may or may not be in cahoots with The Weaver.

We’ll have more information about Werewolf next week. For now, John has begun assembling his team and started wrapping his head around all of the logistics involved in putting together a new venue for Underground Theater. If you’d like to volunteer to help or see if there’s a place for you on his team, send him an email at

We can’t wait to get started and see what John has in store for us!

Our original Werewolf announcement, including the initial information we have about the setting in Underground Theater can be found here.

The Board of Directors