Good afternoon Patrons of the Underground!

We are sad to announce that our Ombudsman, Sean Noble, is needing to step down from our board of directors because of real life commitments. We wish him all the best and can’t wait to see him playing at Midwinter!

Unfortunately, that means we are in need of a new Ombudsman! Are you kind, willing to work with others and have experience in dispute resolution? We’d love to hear from anyone with interest in filling this role.

In the interim, please give us a bit of understanding, and if you have an unresolved concern that you have submitted to the Ombudsman, we encourage you to drop a follow up email to the Board just to help us ensure we don’t drop any balls and no concerns fall through the cracks during the transition.

Here are some of the job requirements:

  • The Ombudsman works as an independent neutral party who assists in the resolution of conflicts and concerns either between patrons (after all local staff options are exhausted) or between patrons and local staff when there is no other option. The Ombudsman will act as the Board contact for patrons throughout Underground Theater.
  • The Ombudsman’s office is responsible for managing the filing of all issues sent to them in a system that has been set up such that all Board members may reference it as needed. The Ombudsman may need to oversee at least one assistant to his office who’s sole duty is to input the details of resolved issues into the filing system.
  • The Ombudsman will also help identify issues in policies, processes and procedures that need attention, including their implementation and documentation.
  • He or she will serve as an instrumental piece of the arbitration, player retention and recruitment processes (they may wish to appoint an admin to work with them on such), and shall perform such additional duties as may be required of the office.
  • Attend a weekly board meeting at 7pm EST.
  • He or she may also install additional administrators to those already mentioned at his or her leisure under the office of Ombudsman.

Please send your resume and a gaming experience summary to: