Good evening, Patrons of the Underground!

As we continue to flesh out our Werewolf content team staff, it’s time to look for a content and continuity storyteller.

Werewolf CCST
The  Werewolf Canon and Continuity Storyteller serves to track character relationships and usage for all canon and national-level NPCs in the Werewolf Venue. The CCST also tracks the usage of geographic areas not under the authority of a local troupe and maintains a general history of the chronicle. The CCST is responsible for generating a monthly “what’s happened” report by contacting the troupe LSTs org-wide.  Finally, the CCST works with the Werewolf Organizational Storyteller in the management and implementation of all canon NPCs, as well as NPCs or institutions whose actions have a massive effect above the city level of the troupe (such as The President of the United States, The Chancellor of Germany, the FBI, or the CIA).  The CCST is responsible for periodic audits of the in-character groups for membership and demographic purposes, and other duties as assigned by the Vice President.

Travel requirements – The Werewolf CCST is strongly encouraged to attend all national events, and to offer support to regional events where possible.

Time expectations – The estimated workload of this position is 15-20 hours per week.

Other considerations – The Werewolf CCST may not hold a larger-than-local IC position, nor a major city leadership position (Sept Alpha, etc), and should expect to have their PC transition into a background ancillary role if hired.

Please send your gaming resume (including both player and storyteller experience) to