Good evening Patrons of the Underground,

This afternoon two of our patrons were suspended from Underground Theater. This is never an action the Board undertakes lightly, and it is never an action we get any enjoyment from. In this instance, it was particularly difficult.

The two patrons in question have become engaged in legal proceedings against one another in civil court. These proceedings affected the operations of our organization.

Our organization retained a lawyer to help us navigate this situation. Following the instructions of our legal counsel, the two patrons’ attorneys were notified this afternoon that these two patrons have been suspended from our organization, and will remain suspended until, at minimum, their legal battle is concluded.

We would like to offer an apology to all of our members for the inconveniences this will cause, and we ask that everyone please understand that this is a serious legal matter best left to the parties involved and their lawyers to resolve in court.

The Board of Directors