Patrons of the Underground,

We want to give everyone a quick update on our current content team staff and how to contact them. Remember, if you have a question or request, it’s best to contact the person most responsible for overseeing the genre of your question. For example, if you have a question about Anarchs, it’s generally better to contact the Anarch OST Corey than it is to contact the Camarilla Vampire OST Ryan.


Cam/Anarch/IA OST – Ryan Martin,

Anarch AOST – Corey McIntyre,

IA AOST – Nick Riley,

Sabbat OST – Ken Yost,

Sabbat AOST – unfilled,


Werewolf OST – John Swinkels,

Werewolf AOST (specific duties coming soon) – Megan Schultz

Werewolf CCST – Mateo Marshall,