This is a Patron Only vote to officially determine if our current chronicle should be reset, or extend another year. This is not an immediate reset, the whole process takes time. This is to determine if the reset process is to begin.

Just log into Yorick and follow the instructions!

Voting will end tentatively in 1 MONTH to allow time for all Patrons to vote and to process the information.

If you experience any issues logging in or voting, please e-mail for help.

Venue and Date specific information will be released after the finalization of this vote, however assuming everyone votes in favor of a reset, the process will take approximately 1 year before the reset date.

In summary, we are voting to determine if we should start the reset process now(leaving 1 year left to our current chronicle) or add one more year (extending the current chronicle another year(2 years at least for this chronicle instead of 1 more year))

The Underground Theater Board of Directors