We have a couple of announcements to let you all know about.

First, it saddens us to say that our President, Amber Godat, has departed from Underground Theaters Board of Directors, and we want to thank her for the time and energy she has dedicated to Underground Theater. We will miss her input and passion for our organization, but wish her the best in her endeavors, and looks forward to working with her in the future with other projects.

With that said, our new President is Jennifer Mims!

Jennifer has been serving as our treasurer for the last 3 years now and has been an active Patron in Underground Theater since its beginnings. Jennifer graduated from Guilford College with two degrees in computers and one in forensic science. During the day, she is a programmer for a large financial institution where she is known as “The Bug Master”; by night, she gets her geek on. Jenn started role-playing in 1997 and hasn’t stopped since. She has been both a player and a storyteller for many games, including troupe and convention style games.

Jennifers first event as President will be at the UT Con in October! So bring your fangs and sunblock, because she is excited to interact with you!

Our second announcement has to do with Fireside and Communications. In an effort to streamline and help make information flow smoother, my own Admin, Brandi Roland, will be taking up the official position of Chief Editor with Fireside. Her job will be to help me find and collect Patron created content and information for Fireside. More information on this will be provided soon.

Bill Vollmer
Underground Theater Director of Communications