Unfortunately inconvenienced Patrons of Underground Theater,

On October 2nd Facebook announced to the world that there was a vulnerability in their login API. As a result of this they forcibly logged people out of a whole bunch of accounts and updated their API to close the security hole. It’s generally a good thing that they did this.

The downside is that the changes to the API aren’t quite working correctly in Yorick. Those of you that have a Facebook account linked, but don’t normally actually use Facebook to log in, will not be able to log in correctly again until you’ve logged in with Facebook. In addition, there’s now a problem where the process will complete but the popup window doesn’t close. When this happens do the following:

  1. Go to Facebook and log out
  2. Return to Yorick without logging back in to Facebook
  3. Log into Yorick using the Facebook button.

You should get a popup asking you to log into Facebook. If you log in correctly here it should take you into Yorick successfully.

I know it’s annoying but I haven’t found a good way to fix it yet. This is the sort of problem that mostly happens once and if you manage to work around it you find yourself unable to reproduce it to try to fix it. Hopefully I’ll be able to update everything to be correct soon and you won’t require these workarounds.

Chief Technology Officer for Underground Theater