Patrons of the Underground Theater,

One of the goals for my tenure as Vice President is to make it easier to find all of the rules interpretations and house rules that we use. The list is quite expensive so they can’t all end up in the Patron’s Handbook. Rather than have them scattered about various Facebook groups I’m migrating them to the website.

Today I’ve added two pages: House Rules and the Rules FAQ

The House Rules document has formally modifications we’ve made to the respective core books published by By Night Studios. It also links to a rationale where there was discussion about the rule that isn’t strictly necessary to its formal wording.

The Rules FAQ represents a growing corpus of answers to common questions about existing and changed rules within Underground Theater. My hope is to slowly fill it out with all of the questions we get every six months or so. It should also contain all of the official interpretations where we’ve ruled on what text means for the organization.

Andrew Sayman
Vice President of Underground Theater