Most larger-than-local plot happens at event games, that is truly just the nature of LARPing in an organization.  But not everyone is able to make every convention, not even yours truly, so for Werewolf I am trying out a new idea available to us thanks to the amazing quest system given to us by By Night Studios.  The plot happening at Midwinter is tied to this, and is still incredibly crucial, but it is not the end all be all of the current meta plot.  The conclusion of the plot, as well as the participation in it, is entirely open to any active Patron in Underground Theater. 

There are two of the thirteen remaining great Caerns under siege. Traveling to the Sept of the Last Breath (Wendigo) is a simple quest as it is here on the continent, and would not interrupt any quests players may currently be on in their local games. Traveling to the Sept of Bygone Visions (Black Fury) is a complex 1 quest.  The requirements are things easily covered so they are being waved off (they would be things like Membership in the Garou Nation, your Auspice, your breed form, etc etc.). These are non Umbral quests, making the simple quest for Last Breath not an auto-win via Umbral Aptitude, but the merit/totem bonus does allow for retests to still occur as well as the Lucky merit.

Content is asking that if you send in for one or both of these that you email in your character name/rank/tribe, which caern your character is going to, your throw and potential retest, and two to three sentences describing what your character generically does or is built to do, or specifically what they would do here for us to work into the stories.  These caerns failing or surviving is entirely tied solely to the throws of the players.

The cut-off for emails to be sent in is January 20th. Please send them to, and a big thank you to everyone who has done so already! 

The stories of both Caerns will be posted to the Garoun Nation IC board by January 30th at the absolute latest. Lets start year three off with a nice big bang!

Mateo Marshall
Werewolf OST