Since the January Online Venue Update I have had a number of questions come to me with some potential concerns. My own style of storytelling entails trying to be as transparent as possible; in regards to the out-of-character aspects of the game.

Below will be a series of questions I’ve been asked, paraphrased, and what I supply as my answer to that question. I will be posting each question as its own comment and my reply, to that question, as a response to the comment. If there are any further questions, please, feel free to ask me on here or more privately over messenger. Please understand that there are some questions I cannot answer at this time, such as hard timelines and such.

Question #1
What is an Autarkis venue and how do they function with the normative kindred society?

Answer #1
Autarkis are basically, in a way, the kindred that are disillusioned from the lifestyle of Sects; all sects. They eschew the night-to-night style of living that most kindred are pulled into, from the start, and have set out on their own.

All of that being said …

Playing as a member of the Camarilla or Anarch Movement in a group of Autarkis is not a death sentence; it won’t even quite be like playing a Caitiff in the Camarilla. The Autarkis venue, in short, is sort of like the Wild West for Kindred.

Status doesn’t mean a thing to Autarkis; which comes back to the idea of the venue being similar to the Wild West. They don’t use or adhere to it; Status is not inherit to kindred, it is a social construct of the Sects. The Autarkis in an area may try to set up some type of a status system, but, largely it will likely go ignored by the others and have no power.

Boons, on the other hand, are not inherit to kindred either, but they are a measure of a kindred’s word and trust. An individual who does not keep to their boons may find themselves completely ignored by the others, seen as untrustworthy, or may be a pillar of trust and cult of personality if they always keep to their word.

So, if you decide to play a member of the Camarilla, you won’t have to worry about some death squad … but Autarkis will likely not be overly thrilled to talk about politics and such.

Question #2
Who observes the traditions and enforces the laws of the Autarkis? How does this work if there is no one to enforce anything?

Answer #2
Which, once again, translates to that idea of Sects; the traditions are ideals and laws passed down in the Camarilla.

In an Autarkis area, which is simply an area devoid of the Sects, it is very much so an idea of utility and what makes you valuable or how your existence benefits the whole. An Autarkis that is going around killing others will, most likely and assuredly, be dealt with in a number of ways.

An Autarkis that kills a member of the Camarilla or any other Sect?
They will likely find themselves hunted by that Sect or the kindred’s bloodline.

An Autarkis that kills another Autarkis?
They will likely not be trusted by the others and either killed by other Autarkis, forced form the area, or completely ignored and find their nights harder.

An Autarkis that is causing too much trouble for mortals?
They don’t have the protection of the Sects, they are prime targets for other supernaturals. An Autarkis causing too much trouble will find themselves victims of supernaturally aware government agencies, hunter orgs, werewolf septs, and more.
Now, on a purely ooc level, the location of the Autarkis area for the online domain will have some IC things set in place that address some of these concerns.

IC elements that I can’t go into yet.

There will also, just to address this, be one or two areas that are set as Safe Zones, oocly, where players don’t have to worry about hard roleplay and can stick purely with soft roleplay (no mechanics, only social rp).

Question #3
Does anyone care about their characters in an online venue?

Answer #3
I think you’ll find that not to be the case, on people not caring for their characters, and, in general, I’ve found that most online players are just as dedicated, if not more so for some situations, to their characters.

Individuals that roleplay, online, through forums and other dedicated services for roleplay, are typically writers and literary creatives. The actual quality of their writing varies, obviously, but the majority of the online roleplays i’ve run, some of which went on for five years, were the most creative games in terms of stories, situations, and character driven games.

Question #4
What will stop people from creating throwaway characters to simply kill others?

Answer #4

In the other, in-person venues, there’s little that formally stops people from making Secondary characters over and over again that exist just to kill others. Storytellers generally don’t allow this sort of thing because it is so obviously disruptive. Players tend to avoid it because it often results in bans. The staff of the online venue will work hard to identify players who are metagaming in this way and not participating in the venue seriously. If players are being intentionally disruptive they’re not going to be allowed to continue to participate.

Lucas Skywalkr Butler

Online Venue OST