Patrons of the Underground,

I would like to start off by officially declaring that the Underground Theater’s second Camarilla/Anarch/Independent Alliance chronicle has now begun!

This is an exciting time for players both new and old. You’ll portray new characters and forge new alliances (and enemies) as you interact with a living and breathing world familiar and yet unknown… this comes with new storytellers – your LST’s, new storylines, and a new direction: the four-year chronicle. I would like to introduce you to what’s in store for most of the first year…


This is a time for the players to create and establish their characters and how they interact with their troupes and the world at large. To become harpies and sheriffs, barons and princes… to vie for status or prestation. To find a foothold in the world and survive. To find strength in your fellow Kindred or to root out the weaknesses of the sect, or even to exploit them. This time is especially about you, the player, as you help build the foundation for what this chronicle will become in the future.

With this in mind, think about where you want your character to go and where your character could be in one, two or even three year’s time. What would you like to see your character doing by then? What will they have accomplished?

Last but not least, a snippet of what’s to come at the Midwinter Gaming Convention in Milwaukee, Wisconsin:

The winds of war blow fiercely in the face of hard truths and the times after the Nights of Turmoil. From the ashes of fallen Kindred and lost domains rises the birth of new place of power: the Camarilla has taken back Manhattan from the Sabbat’s weakening grasp. It is a time of celebration and prosperity, a possible renaissance of the sect for those loyal to the Ivory Tower. But how long can such a thing last? How long can the budding rose stave off the bitter cold of a vastly changing world? Political machinations continue and the upper echelons of the Camarilla stir – clans gossip amongst themselves with whispers of Conclave, hungering for their bite of the Big Apple. For now, Manhattan’s doors lie open and waiting as the city begins receiving Prince’s and dignitaries for the coming gather.

I look forward to serving you and working with you all as this new chronicle unfolds!

Yours truly,

Timothy Snyder

Camarilla/Anarch/Independent Alliance Organizational Storyteller – OST Phoenix