Happy 2019 everyone!!!!

We have had a lot of things going on over the last year, and still, have a lot planned for the near future. 2018 had its ups and downs over the course of the year across the board, and with it marking the end of our first Vampire Chronicle, it becomes a time for Underground Theater to reflect back on lessons learned over the last 5 years, and who we want to be for the next 4-6.

Midwinter 2019


UT Werewolf at Midwinter will be launching a new 4-year chronical format! It may be a surprise to some, however, it was a logical course of action with the reformating of vampire. This change is intended to decrease the workload of an already strained staff, and bring the werewolf chronical time frame in sync with the vampire timeline, with one being halfway through while the other starts anew.

VAMPIRE C/A/IA TEASER- It’s a new year… For some its a new beginning, for others it’s just a number to be forgotten. How will your undead soul move across the chess board this year?

VAMPIRE SABBAT TEASER- Come explore the nights of a New Year, and rejoice in the gift of Immortality that Caine has bestowed apone all his children.

MIDWINTER WEREWOLF TEASER- The enemy stirs from the depths of the Umbra. The snake once coiled now lashes outward. Come brothers and sisters of Gaia, to the Umbra we go. We explore, we save, we preserve the heart of the Wyld.” Son of Moonlight Elder Theurge Fianna

Werewolf Caerns Under Siege

See you at Midwinter!

-Communications Update-

Many have given feedback on many topics, not with just Underground Theater, but the World of Darkness LARP community as a whole, and while some things may not even apply to Underground Theater, we’ve been taking in all of the feedback we can to make the changes our players need in regards to communication and our community. 

Some have already seen Fireside in our OOC group, but this issue is a special one, as it also marks the first step into “physically” reformating how we handle communications, and relaunching into social/video media in the long term. We have also started working on a redesigned website, and updates to its content to make all the information easier to access for our players.

To accompany this rework, we will be launching our experimental Underground Theater OLARP Discord Server soon (Using the C/A/I Setting Style Sheet, Launch Date Pending).

This technology is useful in helping to bridge the real world gaps between our LARP players, by creating a viable and fulfilling way to interact in a proxy play situation, through live voice (and potentially video) communications with LARP LSTs (and players) during games. Utilizing both text and voice-based communications and coordination with OLARP staff will also allow player characters a means to influence and be influenced by the world, and explore the areas of the LtL game map and character concepts not generally or realistically aren’t accessible except through traditional means. Finally, this will allow our Wayward Patrons who do not have a home troupe to play in and a method in which they can have a meaningful RP experience with the rest of us.

We are excited and look forward to experiencing 2019 with everyone!

The Underground Theater Board of Directors