Update 22 January 2019

Lucas has answered some questions asked by the Patronage!


Friendly neighborhood Duck here!

It has been a hot minute since an update on the Online Venue, which I apologize about. This has been a labor to put together for all of you, on all fronts. It would have not been possible without the help of Andrew Sayman, Bill Vollmer OST Snyder, and a couple LSTs that let me pick their brain with no context provided.

Now, with that out of the way, let me announce what is going on and welcome you to the …

Autarkis and Online Venue.

The venue originally started as a purely online option that was going to focus primarily on play conducted over Discord. It was going to be a way for Wayward Patrons (individuals further than 30 miles from a live game) to remain active and have a place to call their own. This is still the case, in regards to Wayward Patrons, but things have opened up further and this venue will be run alongside the Camarilla/Anarch/IA venue; meaning the two can have full interactions and engage with one another.

These interaction won’t be, most likely, common place; the Autarkis are Autarkis for a reason. At least not as common place as the Camarilla and Anarch Movement interact.

We felt this was the best way to include both the Wayward Patrons (more info later) and standard patrons, as separating people from meaningful and large scale interactions didn’t really deliver on what we wanted; which was inclusiveness. In that vein I wanted to provide an outlet that was tailored to online interactions, but could also be picked up by the LSTs and played on a larger scale for domains that wanted to allow the occasional oddities; such as some domains that allow a few Anarchs in Camarilla dominated areas, Cammies in Anarch areas, and the like.

There is no Sabbat version.

The primary Autarkis domain for the venue will still be over the online discord channel and set in New Orleans, but there are still some details to be worked out and people that need to be contacted before that happens. There are some very strict rules in place to make sure nobody is exploiting the new settings by switching their characters between them in order to dodge rarity costs or consequences.

More information will be coming down the pipe this weekend and following week. This information will mostly be about documents, Discord, and further information about the venue and VSS for the Autarkis.

Lucas Skywalkr Butler

Online Venue OST