I got a pretty good question today about whether tagging people in Facebook posts could be considered inappropriate OOC behavior on IC lists. I think this is appropriate to do if you make sure to use the Facebook name they are using when playing that character. This behavior has generally been helpful in the past to help connect characters and improves immersion, so it really doesn’t feel like an OOC breaking of character in application even though you’re literally making an OOC callout in the text.

I’ve updated the general Facebook group policy with the following text to reflect that.

You may tag other characters in posts using the OOC names they have provided to the Facebook group and no others. This is to be interpreted as specifically notifying their character of the message and its content. You may not use any name which is not the one that they registered with the Facebook group as. Some people are very sensitive about their other names and we should respect their privacy on that.

Facebook Group Policies