Patrons of Underground Theater,

I’m sad to let everybody know that the results of the Caerns Under Siege plot for the Werewolf venue are delayed. I know we originally said they’d be out by January 30th, but life gets in the way sometimes. Working with the Content Team and Werewolf Staff we’re setting a new deadline that works for everybody involved with finishing the story: February 22nd. With any luck this is further out than we need.

I hope you’ll be patient with me and my staff on this one. We’re doing our best to get things done, but there’s a time when one has to admit that things just didn’t come together the way you’d wanted. I’m also sorry it took so long to get this update out. This slip is ultimately my responsibility to the Board and the rest of you as Vice President. I’m confident that we can make this new date of February 22nd and feel free to hold my feet to the fire on that.

Andrew Sayman
Vice President of Underground Theater