A LOT of great things going on! Our Chief Editor Brandi Roland is now our Treasurer! CONOOGA is right around the corner, see below for Teasers! ON A ROLL Opened a GREAT new season, and I wanted to officially welcome These Mean Streets to the page! Also, man what’s with this weather?! It’s so cold! Be safe when out and about, you don’t want to become a bloodcicle yourself, watch out for the Ghostwriter whoever they are!

Underground Theater is looking for qualified volunteers
Social Media Administrator and Fireside Chief Editor.
To apply, send your resume to communications@undergroundtheater.org
Social Media Admin will focus primarily on keeping Facebook Page and OOC group (+) updated with current UT events, content postings
and WoD community news.
Fireside Chief Editor will focus on finding content for
Fireside including Ghostwriter quips, Images, Patron Project Sponsorships,
and Plot Teasers.
(both) These positions fall under Communications Estimated Work Load- 10-15h/w -Must be able to work collaboratively with as well as independently from Local and National Staff as needed and sign non-disclosure agreements.
Social Media Admin must monitor the website and be able to
respond to social media activity within 24 hours.
Chief Editor must be able to work within a monthly deadline.
Experience in Photoshop is preferred.
The Underground Theater Media Teams will operate locally to create UT C/A/IA Chronicle Themed video media for Underground Theater with the intention of
inclusion in Fireside related content. Ideally, these teams would physically be
located anywhere there is a troupe, and/or near a college.
Teams must be able to work remotely with other teams -and- have local contact with personal teams members.
(At least 1 team with 4 members on each coast required)
Underground Theater Media Team members are offered compensation in the form of Internship Credit, Gifted Patronage, and Job Reference, with the intended
purpose of expense compensation, budget permitting.
If you are creative, have experience in film production (behind or in front of a camera), and would like to record our chronicles locally and nationally, please send an e-mail, address above or below!
-Larger than Local Plot Hooks-
Vampire Camarilla, Anarch, Independent Alliance.
From their Graces comes a new Edict to further clarify those laws of Hospitality and rights of Domain:
That those of Praxis which can bestow right of Hospitality, within the
Ivory Tower’s sight, who by their right have the internal practice of Courtesies, cannot contravene or endanger the sanctity of the Camarilla – who by definition are Kindred of this covenant, and entreated to seek the safety and stability of
our institution as established by the Convention.There can be no Courtesie that prohibits a Kindred of the Camarilla to enjoy its basic privileges and such a Courtesy cannot divide this covenant.
Finally, a courtesy of the Ivory Tower is extended to the loose affiliation of clans known as the Independent Alliance, as all Kindred are entreated to accept and gain solace of the Lextalionis of Caine, that they be welcome to entreat and do business with members of the Camarilla.
With victory comes silence… the nation takes time to process the events, and count casualties
Local Uprisings
Werewolf- As the birthday of the Revival of Sept of the Bleeding Mountain
approaches, a lot about the future of Chattanooga is at stake.
Will Peace be secured, allowing the Garou and Fera of the city to celebrate before continuing their fight against the Wyrm. Will Battle lines be formed
against the Vampire of the city? Threats to the City have grown desperate.
Only Time will tell. Will you answer the call of War? Or a Celebration?
Vampire- Elder Felix Octavius of the Camarilla and Don Mycroft Giovanni of the Independent Alliance are hosting a Masquerade Ball to celebrate the Tower and the IA standing together in Chattanooga once more. It’s Time to Dress Up, wear you finest Mask and attend the Social Event of the year. How will the new Edict affect the future of Chattanooga?