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As told by the characters
Hunts the Mystery
Athro Galliard Wendigo
Talesinger of the Last Breath
Phoebe “The Voice of the Muses”
Athro Galliard Black Fury
Talesinger of Bygone Visions

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Vampire Camarilla, Anarch, Independent Alliance.
From their Graces comes a new Edict to further clarify those laws of Hospitality and rights of Domain:
That those of Praxis which can bestow right of Hospitality, within the
Ivory Tower’s sight, who by their right have the internal practice of Courtesies, cannot contravene or endanger the sanctity of the Camarilla – who by definition are Kindred of this covenant, and entreated to seek the safety and stability of
our institution as established by the Convention.There can be no Courtesie that prohibits a Kindred of the Camarilla to enjoy its basic privileges and such a Courtesie cannot divide this covenant.
Finally, a courtesy of the Ivory Tower is extended to the loose affiliation of clans known as the Independent Alliance, as all Kindred are entreated to accept and gain solace of the Lextalionis of Caine, that they be welcome to entreat and do business with members of the Camarilla.
The Werewolf Caern Under Siege plot is concluded!

“They came out of nowhere… throngs of the Wyrm revealed themselves at our gates…”

    The klaxom alarm shrieked through the night followed by a sudden sea of howls on the first night that they appeared.  The Dark Brigade seeming to march forth from out of nowhere had marched their way directly to our front door. The initial push saw many casualties suffered, and the snow upon the ground of the Last Breath was stained with battle, but this is the home of Wendigo and this land is ours.  Driven back or slain, the Dark Brigade was forced to the edge of the bawn before our defenses were closed and the way in shut. It was not until I found myself atop a wall to look down at an enemy thought defeated and disbanded that I believed it with my own eyes, they truly were here.

    Wintersrage, as proud a Wendigo that ever lived, put out a call for aide shortly thereafter.  It was not known what the state of the other remaining Great Caerns were in, and it turned out he was right as Bygone Visions was also under siege and the remaining councilors were split on where to direct their attention.  The massive call came out soon after, for all of the Nation to once again join forces and meet this threat head on as one once again. An odd number makes for odd reinforcements, but with no hesitation but deliberation the following found themselves at the Frozen North, Thistlechar and the Red Talons, Benny “Ear to the Ground” Reed and the Bone Gnawers, Harmony “Spins the Wheel” Mason and the Children of Gaia, Anh-Lai Far Traveler and the Stargazers, Sabine “Silver Swift” LaCoix and the Silver Fangs, and Aylen “Ripper” Queupul and our Older Brothers all came to aid the Last Breath.  

    I have spent much time in the Battleground, reviewing all of the glory that was this battle.  This story is not spanning the entirety of the Wyrm’s siege as too much credit would be giving them praise.  No, this story is solely tied to the deeds of the Garou in the final moments, the moments that truly mattered most.  It began as Helios claimed a new day was to begin, his radiance spreading across the lands though not even his warmth would  be enough to melt away the stained snow that littered the ground.

    A seer by way of Enduring Renewal, K’Pheth Al’hazred was seized with the images of the Brigades push and their machinations on this day.  It was through the Adren’s visions and portents that the defenses were prepared around and tactics deployed (win).  Wollieen “Feral Heart”, the Fostern Master of Challenge from Enduring Renewal, having arrived the night before from helping to shore defenses at Bygone Visions immediately went to calling on the Spirits to bolster their defenses even further in preparation (win).  “Runs the Numbers”, a Fostern Theurge of the Glass Walkers was quick to deploy his own counter measures in throwing out his technological tools in the forms of several drones used to keep tabs on any potential blind spots found in the plans set forth (tie). Through the uses of Sigmund “Considers the Cost” Maki of the Silver Fangs’ influences several of the warriors having come from Bygone Visions found themselves able to make their way into the Caern for the final push (tie).

    And then, in the middle of that morning, the Dark Brigade began their march inward.  There were no tactics to it, there was no rhyme or reason to their assault. There was only chaos, an ill fated combat strategy unless there is just overwhelming numbers… numbers that the Dark Brigade possessed.

    Crashing through the gates first was a giant mass of a thing known as a Voodoo Pig, hurling the bile of Balefire immediately at everything in sight as soon as it could lay eyes on the inside of the Caern.  Living to their Pack’s name, Battle Ready Blessing met the monstrosity head on in an attempt to keep the enemies numbers clogged behind the beast. Abel, a Galliard of the Ajaba, and his President, Topher Reese Ragabash of the Children of Gaia, initiated first in a storm of bullets and arrows while Richard Bolton and Sorsha Agnos charged forward to meet it head on.  These attacks drew the attention of the creature but as it made its move towards them it was stopped in place by the Adren Ahroun’s of the Bone Gnawers and Black Furies respectively. As Richard bit deep upon the flesh of the beast in his Hispo form the Pig sought to retaliate in kind, reaching down with it’s own massive maw to take a bite out of the Bone Gnawer who’s Savage Strike would persist through the batte (tie).  As the Voodoo Pig went to take yet another bite it was Topher Reese who made his way to his packmate’s side, hurling himself in the way of the second attack only to have a bite taken out of himself as well to match (loss).  With such mighty wounds dealt, the Child of Gaia Theurge of their pack, Rowan along with a spiritual ally came forward to  begin healing only for the monster to turn and begin assaulting them as well (loss), Topher managed to get Rowan out of the way in time but the Spirit was easily dispatched under the rending jaws.  Sorsha watching her packmates becoming chew toys to the monster began to hurl her claws furiously as the pig, talon after talon scoring blows (tie) combined with the persistence and endurance of Richard bringing it low.  As BSDs and Fomor began to climb over the carcass Abel erupted into a fight of laughter, that saw some enemies join him in the infectious laughter, but not enough to stop the tide (loss).  Several Wendigo of the Sept rushed with tooth and claw, shot with arrow and fire as the area was encroached upon, and in the frantic fighting to follow Spins the Wheel and Ear to the Ground joined the fray.  The councilors worked diligently, Harmony taking a few hits in the wake of others being laid low while offering her healing to greater warriors than herself. Benny Reed on the other hand could not be stopped, a Klaive in one hand and his trademark wrench in the other, the Elder Ahroun was practically a one Garou force of murder as others fought, fell, only to be brought back up to rejoin.

    Elsewhere on the Caern a hollow’d out area in Gaia herself gave way as the minions of the Wyrm attempted to break through with a clever ruse already preordained to happen.  As the first climbed out it was met with the edge of a Klaive wielded by Elder Shun of the Children of Gaia, though as the blade rose and fell another BSD reached and swung, dealing a blow upon the Elder with it’s toxic claws (tie). As another went to swing as well, from out of the guise of Blur Subaki Sai struck at the Spiral Dancer’s joints, throwing the enemies’ arm back unto itself (win).  As the choke point began to surge feathers rained from high above down into the hole as Corbin, the Whirling Dervish, threw volley upon volley down into the hole (tie). Catching onto the stratagem, JR of the Glass Walkers set his gun sights upon the hole as well to join the Corax in an attempt to keep things manageable for the fighters up front (loss).  Considers the Cost was quick to command, deploying his tribe’s gift of Mastery upon enemy numbers in an attempt to keep things evenly paced but the numbers were overwhelming even for one as convincing as himself.  As the enemies approached fast Quentin gave way to metallic, robotic like claws as he joined his Alpha and former packmate in the front to greet the raiders. As the numbers rose from the ground and the blows began to become more frequent, Emma Liang, Redeems the Lost, Shepherd of the Flourishing Life was quick to join those up front, offering her Tribe’s gifts of healing to the warriors upfront (tie).  As the forces stalemated against one another, the muscular yet scared of flames figure of a wolf padded up bristling with the fury of a thousand wolves combined into just one figure.  Thistlechar let out a mighty howl, bolstering the group before her with her rage and her Heart of Fury repeatedly as she leapt into battle alongside them and those of the Sept in the area.  

    In the Umbra, a portion of forces laid in wait among the snow covered dunes gathered here along with the spiritual allies of the Sept and what Wendigo could be spared.  A sudden flurry of activity saw the banes of the Brigade rushing at the Caern only to be met with the placed trap of Garou and Spirits. Arrows from the Wendigo flew like hail at the enemy, joined in unison with the sound of gunshots perfectly aimed and never to miss through the use of gifts by the Silent Strider among them, Zoey (win). With the forces now revealed and the banes diverting towards those that would slow them down, the alpha of Honor’s Vigil Grim Scale Balancer began to place his Burden of Doubt upon those who dared to violate the sacred grounds.  However their numbers were too vast as he quickly began to get focused (loss).  A fellow Get of Fenris, Ashley “Pain Bringer” and Ragabash went to take as many hits viable but was equally overwhelmed (loss).   His own packmate, Elijah the Endless Path of the Stargazers also sought to intervene, doing his best to redirect the assaulting spirits attacks through the onslaught surrounding his pack Alpha suddenly (loss). Aaron, the Gurahl of the pack, shifted to his massive nightmarish warform and stepped in as well to aid in the attack, taking many of the hits but to a Gurahl they were like nothing (win).  Otto, Athro of the Children of Gaia, continued to heal but as the threat loomed high began to throw out fire from his fingertips… though after several attempts he simply awoke a new Jaggling to attack so that he could resume his duties (loss). A crafty Nuwisha, Kairi of the Sept of Undying Light, began to deploy her own manner of trickery upon the banes, though as they turned on her and began to assault her as well she did what Nuwisha did best… the Umbra was sealed shut before she “fell to her wounds” (loss). Tinker Tale, Galliard of the Bone Gnawers, was quick to begin kicking off the banes from the fallen Gaian, her tribe’s gift of survival allowing her to take the brutality (tie). The spirits now trapped on this side of the Gauntlet began to turn more vicious, more irate towards the Garou gathered, when a howl from the Get Warrior Buliwyf split the area as he joined the fray.  However his youth and inexperience proved too much as he was harried under the violence (loss).  As things began to turn to dark all of the jagglings and gafflings gathered began to dissipate suddenly, high above on a dune nearby the Wendigo Theurge Frost-Fire kept her cool gaze on the army of banes before her and with her mastery of spirits the flood was removed until more reinforcements could arrive later (tie).

    As this went a sound of thunder could be heard in the distance.  Followed by a second strong booming, and then a third only for a shadow to be cast from Helios and for the realization of it being thunder was greatly wrong.  High above in the sky came forth a mythical beast of a Dragon diving straight towards the Caern itself. Shazear, the leader of the Dark Brigade, had come personally to see this attempt come to fruition.  It landed right at the entrance to the heart of the caern, bristling with excitement at the deed it had come to do. A massive swipe of its tail leveled several of the structures and roofing surrounding it as the Zmei went to clearing it’s path only for it to get through a few of the buildings nestled atop of it’s destination before finally encountering resistance.

    Wintersrage, the sept leader of the Last Breath cried out in rage to bolster those surrounding him.  Sabine “Silver Swift” LaCoix charged the monster first with her Klaive pointed forward, joined at her side by her fellow Silver Fang Ahroun, Vasilly.  While both scored hits it seemed almost to do nothing to the creature’s scales, it’s tail turning to swipe them away much as it had the structures before.  While Sabine was knocked away Vasilly’s second encounter saw him knowing how to dodge, only to end up beneath one of the claws of the beast as it seemed to take an interest.  “I remember you… toothpick wielder” (loss).  In the distraction in playing with its rediscovered quarry from months ago, however, new warriors who had not faced the monster were waiting.  Suddenly, catching Shazear unaware, three warriors stormed the Zmei. The Gurahl, Sleeps it Off, a Get of Fenris named Longjaws, and the Fianna Trini Campbell, all came to greet their quarry in Crinos.  Trini being of massive size, standing taller than anything that was not the Zmei, combined with the efforts of her packmates all seized the Zmei and pushed mightily in unison and force, driving the monster back feet from where it previously stood (one win, two ties).  Shazear roared at the three that had shown such might and went to begin charging only for a glowing spear to find it’s mark driven deep within one of its eyes.  As it cried out from the blow the spear dislodged itself and flung back to the hands of Anh-Lai Far Traveler, the councilor of the Stargazers who stood atop some wreckage in wait.

    Shazear seeming to move to correct itself lifted its claws to begin swiping viciously at the area as more Garou came to the forefront.  Hero’s Tale, Sept Leader of the Cleansed Waters, began placing his Call to Duty upon the Gaians gathered there only to be hit by one of the blows from the Zmei, knocked prone after tumbling backward (loss). Josh Foster, a Cliath Get of the same Sept charged in upon seeing his Sept leader attacked only to take a similar blow from the monster that had terrorized Atlanta months prior (loss). As another heavy claw rose to fall upon a warrior, Linette of the Undying Light swooped in, hurling feathers and fury towards the Zmei only to pause as she flew into the path of the blow (tie). At the sight of his packmate slammed by the massive blow, Stillness of the Children of Gaia rushed down the monster, swiping with his claws and rage upon it’s scales only to equally be batted away (tie). Sensing the monster using it’s own depraved manner of gifts a new tactic came to pass as Levi Albrecht stepped forward.

    “Jonas Albrecht… you’ve returned…”  Shazear muttered hotly, as if it’s own rage boiled over.  Levi then went to condemning the creature only to be met with callous laughter as the Newborn Cub did not take hold.  “You’re not Jonas, you’re TOO WEAK JUST LIKE YOUR FATHER CUB” (fail). As the Zmei went to strike once again, aimed at the Legendary born garou, it was Raptor Claws of the Get of Fenris who shoved the Silver Fang out of the way, only to turn and scour through the scales of the monster right at a vital tendon rendering that claw useless with his massive jaws (win). As the skirmish continued to press, Aelyn “Ripper” Queupul of the Uktena stepped forth with a sadistic gleam in her eye as she raised her hands and began to sap the Zmei of it’s gnosis, immediately drawing it’s attention and wrath.  

    Shazear rose on his haunches to lunge with his mouth first towards the Tribal Councilor, only to be met by a leaping Garou intent on intercepting.  Jackie, “Streetsweeper”, Adren of the Get of Fenris met the maw of the beast head on. With the jaws of Fenris at her side Jackie set to the beast as best she could with tooth and claw, meeting it’s mouth and fangs just as visceral as it met her causing the Zmei to stagger as the one Garou sought to be the death of it.  The warriors of the Sept and allies come to lend aid turned and began to assault the monster from the ground as it battled with the Get, only for it to come to an abrupt end as it’s massive jaws clamped shut around the Garou, Jackie’s shoulders and head falling upon the bloodied snow while the rest of her was devoured (loss).  Aylen stepped forth once more as the attack pressed, seeking to drain the Zmei, and this time as she was attacked for doing so her tribe joined her in this tactic.  Jacob Lorett, a Cliath threw his spirits around the Tribal Councilor to defend her (tie). And while the Councilor was busy defending herself another of her tribe, “Wayfarer” John Moon drew forth the gnosis out of the beast as well (win). The Legend and recently returned Evan Heals the Past stepped forward out of the heart of the caern, his eyes and tattoos glowing in the soft blue radiance of the color of ice, and gestured swiftly toward the Zmei, ice beginning to form rapidly and greatly over the dragon’s body as it cried out swiftly.

    As other threats continued to be dealt with across the siege, as others began to join the battle, and with heavy wounds mounting while clever tactics continued to take hold, the Zmei beat it’s wings and ascended high, screaming out that this would not be the last the Garou Nation would see of it or the Brigade.  The sea of howls that rose this morning from across the territory was palpable. We, the Garou Nation, turned the tide as we always will.

For Gaia.

Hunts the Mystery
Athro Galliard Wendigo
Talesinger of the Last Breath

((Result is a Success with 8 Outright Wins, 14 Ties, and 16 Outright Losses.  The story only reflects 15 losses as one was due to abandoning the quest.))

Omens in the dark of night foretold to expect the enemy but in our never ending battle this was nothing no.  No visions or warnings, no gifts of sight showed us what would come to pass. Not until it was too late. Like Hunts the Mystery, I too poured my soul into the Battleground seeking every answer to the important turning points of Bygone Visions, and I hope my words and deeds combined with what I witnessed with my own eyes do everyone the justice they deserve.  Our issues started small. Small pokes at the defenses of our island. Small skirmishes with wyrm creatures that came by way of the sea. Nothing new or out of the ordinary for our life on Miria, or the life in any caern really. And then what can only be described as a flood washed upon the isles of the Aegean.

    Matriarch Kalonimos was quick to put out the call for aide as the throngs of enemies revealed themselves to nearby shores, and other Councilors were quick to act and arrive.  Roger Daly of the Glass Walkers, Valka One-Eye of the Get of Fenris, Josef Konietzko of the Shadow Lords, Samira Tahan of the Silent Striders, and Bron Mac Fionn of the Fianna all came to the aid of Miria, as well as the warriors of so many other Septs from across the world.  This story is theirs, ours.

    The first matter at hand was Crete, our safe haven for our Den Mother and sisters and cubs and kin that reside close.  Our safe haven that was quite no longer safe. Those first to arrive were given a group of our finest archers and boats to cross and bring refuge.  As they crossed the sea from island to island many skirmishes took place but the group fought on. Lydia LaCoix, a Master of brawling of the Silver Fangs, met any adversary that came in her line of sight, taking many wounds in the path of her might along with her packmate Ashley Adams of the Get of Fenris.  Their tactics were sound but the enemy was many (Loss and loss). The enemies in the water had chosen poorly, or the Wyrm was simply unaware or uncaring of the notion we stand a united Nation.  They did not expect Elder Act Your Age of the Rokea, of the Sept of Cleansed Waters, and his might in his natural environment as he tore them into the fathoms below (win). As arrows scored the enemies on the shores of Crete, a bizarre and glorious sight joined with them in the form of shards of ice from the gun of Pulls the Strings (win). Lost in Thought and Rose Lupin stayed in the middle between the melee and the ranged, offering what aid and healing they could though many of the enemies counter attacks at ranged found their way upon them as well though the deplorable tactics of assaulting support was short lived as Subaki Sai took many of the hits for them (Loss, loss, and loss). Once upon the shores of Crete, Tomehound led as only an Adren Silver Fang could, coordinating the efforts of those with him and falling the minions of the Wyrm under his blade (win).  After all of this group got ashore it was a matter of quick and bloody work before the kin and Den Mother found their way back within the walls of Miria.  The Sisters wept their thanks upon these heroes.

    Upon the stonework and parapets of Miria the pack Warforged of Rekindled Hope laid in wait for an advance of Spiral Dancers.  As the enemy sought to sneak into our defenses, they fell into the trap of the disciplined pack. Stands the Wall, the Lt Colonel of the Silver Fangs initiated right at the threshold of their entrance with a volley of gunfire.  As his shots missed (loss) it was clearly a ploy as the many lupus warriors in his pack charged forward to greet them.  Breaks the Wyrm and Buliwyf met the enemy as the Ahrouns of the Get of Fenris are known for, with tooth and claw and fury (win and tie). Ayasha, Seeker of the Wyld, of the Wendigo was soon fast behind them, rending the enemy with fangs and gaining the blood of the enemy (tie). As Ayasha and Buliwyf began to take wounds Frost-Fire of the Wendigo planted herself between the enemy and their bodies as she began to heal (loss).  As an enemy reared it’s hulking arm to deal a truly grievous blow to the Theurge a howl from a higher parapet came across the sky as a Crinos fell from the sky maul first, the heavy hammer dropping the Spiral Dancer’s head into it’s chest under the might before Valka turned to the group.  “Come Little Brothers and Sisters…” She spoke excitedly as the battle pressed on with the pack.

    The enemy also attempted to infiltrate through old caverns that laid beneath Miria, a tactic that many fools have tried before that we knew to expect.  Warriors from the Undying Light, our Sister the Bitch of Olympus among them, eagerly awaited this attempt. The cave buckled as a Thunderwyrm attempted to burrow and collapse the ground beneath our Caerns feet, but the warriors would not see this come to pass.  Sorsha and Elijah, the Endless Path of the Stargazers, met the monster maw first and took wounds respectively as they slowed it’s crawl to a halt (loss, loss). As they struggled to keep their wits from the poison of the creature Otto Lang of the Children of Gaia stood close by and kept them standing through his healing (tie). From the Moonlit Knights “Runs the Numbers” and Elder “The Transcendent” pushed forward, clawing with cybernetics and klaive at the monster’s face (tie and win). As the Elder Child of Gaia pushed the klaive through the mouth of the monster upward into it’s skull, he pinned the mouth of the Thunderwyrm to the ceiling.  This allowed from behind a volley of lightning to be fed to the monster from the palms of Roger Daly of the Glass Walkers as the warriors here tore at the vital areas of the creature.

    In one instance a pack of adroit Spiral Dancers managed to infiltrate within the walls of Bygone Visions, managing to slip past our scouts and our eyes, but not from the vision of one capable Garou.  Not that night. K’Pheth Al’Hazred with his gifts of oracular sight knew where to expect them and met them with other warriors. His claws fell against the carapaces of the enemy to no avail (loss).  Livewire of the Glass Walkers wielded a sword of pure energy that managed to drive deep within the shells and armor of the Wyrm, though their numbers were many and she was met with blows as well (tie). Gunshots soon joined the cacophony of battle as JR of the Glass Walkers and our Brother Wolfhead let loose with gunfire upon the enemy (win, tie). Wollieen “Feral Heart” used many of his spiritual allies to aide in the exchange (win).  Though as their numbers continued to swell a mass of a Crinos erupted to block out the moonlight in his mighty shadow.  Bron Mac Fionn stood nearly three stories tall at their back and chuckled heartily as he joined into the fray.

    Days became weeks, though the constant skirmishes made it seem like a matter of hours through the constant harrying.  It was within the third week of January that the Seers and Mystics of our Sisterhood convened, portents and omens in the air of doom.  Of winged beasts that would split the sun and break the sky. Of bloodied snow littered with corpses. It is on this moon that Alika addressed the worn and wary gathered among our walls.  “Sisters. Brothers. Gaians. If both caerns besieged are to survive, we must divert our resources. I know it seems foolish with how bleak things have been here… but if we do not do this, the Last Breath -will- fall.  Who among you here will go?”

    As volunteers rose and pledged themselves to the safety of the Nation, the young Councilor’s eyes glimmered with hope in those moments as she gently embraced each on their way of passing.  Arrangements for the travel coordinated among the Shadow Lords and the Sisterhood of Fortune Camp, and in the night a dozen of volunteers coupled with a dozen Black Furies departed on their way to the Last Breath.  As I pen this part of the story I cannot help but wonder, did Alika know what awaited Bygone Visions in this last week and faced it head on with the army of the Nation about her? There were many battles through this final week but there is only one that needs true telling.

    As the tide had turned, and the enemy appeared broken those near the commanding posts of the Bygone Visions heard an unsettling sound, a veritable ripping and tearing at our Pathstone.  Those gathered prepared themselves for what would be one final battle it would seem, only for jaws to drop at the sight before them. Not an army of banes. Not the grotesque monstrosities of the Wyrm.  One pack crossed through the torn open gate of the Moon Bridge. First came a Spiral Dancer draped in bones and skulls littering his body, the Ravager Kawmaw, Ahroun Elder of the Dancers. Moving quickly like a shadow at the side, flitting here and there through the bodies writhed Grok, the Ragabash and newest addition to this vile pack.  No-Soul, ever in his Homid figure was next in the line… tensed with a readiness that betrayed the nonchalant facade the Galliard always kept. Standing next to the figure at the middle resided the Theurge Nhaukh, the Prophet of the Defiler. And towering over all of them in her Homid skin, her whip in hand and pure hate in her eyes, Zhyzhak screamed in their approach at the Garou and Councilors gathered, as if the bitch had any other volume.  “YOU HAVE DENIED ME MY FATE FOR TOO LONG.” Her devil whip cracked the path she walked with a mere flick of her wrist. “IF I WILL NOT KILL YOUR LAST FUCKING KING I WILL KILL YOU.” The Dragon’s Daughters, never an ally to the Dark Brigade in the past, had arrived.

    No-Soul and Kawmaw broke rank at that declaration first to charge down Joseph Konietzko.  “Child of Yuri, your skull will look magnificent upon me.” Kawmaw chattered out delightedly as he pounced upon the tribal councilor, pinning him before he could make an escape.  No Mercy No Quarter of the Fianna was quick to retaliate, the massive Hispo attempting to drive the Ahroun off of the Councilor to no avail (loss). Kiernan O’Connel let out a shirek as the Fianna are known to do, the mournful wail of the Banshee falling upon deaf ears as No-Soul turned and regarded the Theurge “We will give you something to mourn soon cub” (loss). As No-Soul lifted his hand in an attempt to do something Perum Remembers was quick to act, letting forth a volley of gunshots at both potent enemies, causing No-Soul to retreat behind a pillar and the rage of Kawmaw to build (tie). No-Soul had been flushed directly into a trap laid out by Speaks with Banes, the Uktena instantly casting an attempt to rend him of any patron only for No-Soul to disappear in a flash of light and reappear on the other side of him, driving a bane klaive into the Athro’s side (loss). As Kawmaw continued to drive his oozing talons into the Councilor’s chest he was met with the fury of the Red Talons as Athro Heart of the River laid two blows in rapid succession against it’s bone littered form (tie).  As soon as those claws struck him Joseph was quick to act, taking the enraged Ahroun’s will away from him before directing him into assault at the Elder Spiral Dancer No-Soul.

    On the other side of the massive balcony offering a view of victory, Nhaukh and Grok engaged the second Councilor there.  No words of victory granted from the Theurge or Ragabash as they went to circling, poking at “Doomspeaker”’s defenses. The Elder Silent Strider was quick to levy a curse at the lithe form of Grok leaving her open to an assault from Nhaukh.  An attack that did not come to pass as he was hit from the side by gunfire that was exceptionally damaging to the wyrm, right from the barrel of “Swift and Petty” of the Glass Walkers and Talesinger of Rekindled Hope (win).   “Molasses Fast” was almost immediately in the fray as he lunged and engaged in a tangle with the cursed Grok, the two exchanging blows rapidly (tie).  The four on two exchange grew in numbers as “Face Off” of the Uktena brought forth spirits to the combat as Nhaukh did the same, keeping the advantage to their favor (tie).  As the spirits and the two Spiral Dancers were corralled into proximity it was the Director of Rekindled Hope, Jacob, who let loose a volley of lightning into the group, scoring multiple hits among the spirits in it’s wake (tie) as the Spiral Dancers retreated to cover and to regroup.

    This left the Legend of the enemy, Zhyzhak as she strode towards Matriarch Kalonimos with murder and rage dwelling in her eyes.  The Athro stood her ground, resolve washed over her face as she shifted and began to hurl the talons of her claws at her would be assailant while back peddling.  As she neared the edge of a balcony from below on the parapets Chases the Wind caught wind of the exchange, directing those of the New Dawn with the Stargazer to the battle above them (win). Kenjiro of the Glasswalkers and Walks in Shadows of the Black Fury’s turned with bows in hand, immediately shooting at the massive woman though through the fatigue of previous fighting their arrows fell short (loss, loss). Cunning Strength of the Glass Walkers shot at Zhyzhak with her fetish as well, scoring hits but the knockback did little to slow the monster before the Councilor (tie).  Mr. Crawlins of the Ananasi however, actually staggered her for a moment allowing the Councilor to flee past her on the edge back towards the inside of the towers of Bygone Visions (win).

    Alika continued to hurl her talons at the adversary before her, though as Zhyzhak made a quick approach in return she cast forth the clouds of Aelous about her in the chamber inside, though even that did not slow her assailant.  Once within the mists Zhyzhak strode through it unimpeded, her fist bringing the Crinos to one knee. As she began to wind her devilwhip about the throat of the Councilor a young Gaian charged forth. “I won’t let you!” Cried Sings-The-World, Fostern of the Silent Striders, hurled towards Zhyzhak as his claws grasped at the Homid’s wrists.  Zhyzhak did not taunt back or even speak low of the Fostern. Her free hand rose and grasped the Fostern’s throat, lifting him off of his feet before her so those glowing green eyes could meet with his own. From there she released the whip as she hurled him above head into the air only to let him fall at her feet. In a fit of rage and wolf like dominance the large woman dove upon the Crinos immediately, tearing at him with her nails and teeth as they tumbled about the floor.  Ultimately the writhing and struggle ceased as Zhyzhak rose from the heap, her body matted and covered in the blood and viscera of the noble Gaian that had tried to deny her her quarry (loss).

    “YOU KNOW WHAT WILL COME TO PASS.”  Zhyzhak spoke in her normal tone towards Alika as she returned to the hobbled Councilor.  “Your death.” The Philodox spat out in defiance as she righted herself. Zhyzhak grinned mirthfully, the first emotion outside of rage shown since arriving, as both hands grasped her fetish still about the neck of the Councilor, and pulled it taught, beheading the Matriarch in an instant.  As the mist dissipated Zhyzhak roared in dominance, the other Dragon’s Daughters grasping one another to flash in silver light to the source… and then much as they had came they crossed into the Umbra, their mission here complete.

    The Great Caern survives.  Bygone Visions remains a strong hold.  Though now we mourn and must push forward with the loss of many Gaians and Sisters.  But we continue to remain vigilant, and strong. A mourning glory.

Phoebe “The Voice of the Muses”
Athro Galliard Black Fury
Talesinger of Bygone Visions

((Results in 10 Wins, 12 Ties, 16 Losses))

Social Media Administrator and Fireside Chief Editor.
To apply, send your resume to communications@undergroundtheater.org
Social Media Admin will focus primarily on keeping Facebook Page and OOC group (+) updated with current UT events, content postings, and WoD community news.
Fireside Chief Editor will focus on finding content for Fireside including
Ghostwriter quips, Images, Patron Project Sponsorships, and Plot Teasers.
These positions fall under Communications.
Estimated Work Load- 10-15h/w -Must be able to work collaboratively with as well as independently from Local and National Staff as needed and sign non-disclosure agreements.
Social Media Admin must monitor the website and be able to respond to social media activity within 24 hours.
Chief Editor must be able to work within a monthly deadline.
Experience in Photoshop/Adobe products is preferred but not needed in both.
The Underground Theater Media Teams will operate locally and remotely to create a first-person perspective, UT C/A/IA Chronicle length Ghostwriter Themed video series, with the intention of inclusion in Fireside related content.
Ideally, these teams would physically be located anywhere there is a troupe, or near a college. Teams must be able to work remotely with other teams and individual teams members. (Min 1 Team Leader + team on each coast)
Underground Theater Media Team members are offered compensation in the form of Internship Credit, Gifted Patronage, a “Ghostwriter” Secondary Character, your name in the credits.
Every position listed also has the secondary task of Cultural Health Admin for the
specific purpose of providing constructive 2-way feedback between our troups and Communications.
Do you have a camera phone capable of recording 5+mins of footage at a time? Are you creative? A writer, video editor, camera person, actor, director, or just want to learn and help foster positive growth in our community Locally and
Nationally? This might be for you! Get your feet wet in a fun challenging project to help your community grow!