Patrons of Underground Theater,

I’ve been doing some work trying to get the wiki into a place where the Chronicle 2 stuff is easier to find than the Chronicle 1 stuff. We’ve created a bunch of new categories for Cities and Characters to be added to with the name Chronicle 2 added to distinguish from the old stuff. I’ve also added a Deprecated warning to the Chronicle 1 pages to hopefully warn you when you’re making edits on old pages.

What this means for players and storytellers is that you should go and check whether any cities or characters you’ve added are in the correct place. If you find that your city are character are in the wrong place, feel free to contact and I’ll fix it up. If you’re adventurous, you just need to change the templates to use ones with “Chronicle 2” in the name.

If you haven’t added your Chronicle 2 characters to the wiki now is the time! All of the character creation buttons should be working now.

Andrew Sayman
Vice President of Underground Theater
Underground Theater Chief of Technology