Greetings again everyone! Welcome to Underground Theaters Fireside!
As always, we have a lot of things going on, but that doesn’t stop us from moving forward!

The first thing we have going on that isn’t mentioned int he flyers (Because it’s a lot of text) is the UT Book Club. Our AMAZING C/A/I OST Phoenix, Timothy Snyder has a great idea to share…
“Patrons of the Underground,
I would like to introduce you to a project that I have been thinking about over the past couple of months:
The UT Book Club!
At the beginning of every month, I will focus on a specific chapter or section of the By Night Studios Vampire: the Masquerade book and I will post this topic on the Underground Theater OOC facebook group. The first two weeks of the month will be dedicated toward reading this pre-selected section. After the first two weeks, I will make a post with some guiding questions or topics to initiate and encourage discussion on the section that was read – this post will also be made on the UT OOC group, with the intent that everyone’s comments and replies branch from the initial post. Our focus will be to discuss the thematic elements of the game, and while we will read about the various rules and mechanics, I would like discussions around these topics to focus on their context and how they relate to the games’ overall story and function. This will not be a forum for rules debates, but I encourage discussion about the subjective descriptions of the various powers and mechanics, or how they may be different from prior MET editions.
It is my hope that this book club will further engender a sense of community and allow us to learn more about and discuss the game that all of us play, as it is one of the fundamental reasons why we have all come together in the Underground Theater.
If you do not currently own the book, consider purchasing it from DriveThru RPG, a local bookstore or another online retailer.
I look forward to this opportunity to discuss the book with you and learn about your perspectives, interests and
Yours truly,
Timothy Snyder
Camarilla/Anarch/Independent Alliance Organizational Storyteller
OST Phoenix”
… This is a great Idea! What do you think? I know I’ll be participating!

The second off the sheet bit is involving OLARP
! We know things have been quiet, but rest assured it’s still being worked on! The OLARP
OST and others are still in the development process, and refining the systems that will be put into place to maintain the longevity of the project.

As always, We want to thank These Mean Streets (from the Story Tellers Vault), and On A Roll Podcast for being amazing Patrons of Underground Theater.
Also a Shoutout to our Facebook Contributors this last month, Ted, Chase, and Anglee
! Keep the conversations going! Also Kory and Chase for creating some awesome banners, these will be displayed on the respective groups soon, and I even used a couple for the background of this Fireside Issue!

We have a couple of things coming up on the Larger than Local side of things. First, we have the Charlotte and Greensboro Regional event coming up at the end of May/beginning of June. More info for this event will be provided soon BUT it’ll be a C/A/I event and if the dark alley hype says anything, it’ll be an event you won’t want to miss!
Second, we have UT CON! This year it’ll be hosted in Seattle Washington (I swear it has nothing to do with Bloodlines 2), while we aren’t able to provide much information yet, not only will the fun and unique characters of both the Seattle and Olympia games be present, but so will ALL (probably) of the Board of Directors! You’ll get the opportunity to meet every board member face to face, furthermore, we will get to meet you! Not only will this be the first UT Con hosted in the Pacific Northwest, but the first time (as far as most of us can remember) the entire Board of Directors will be in one physical location!
Keep an eye out for more updates!

The underground Ghostwriter appears to be enjoying themselves (and hating it?) now that winter is over… Good for them!

While we are still looking for a new chief editor, the job (Thank you Brandi!)is still being done! if your a writer, Photographer, Designer, Creator and you have a project youd
like to see on Fireside, let us know!
Social Media Administrator and Fireside Chief Editor.
To apply, send your resume to
Social Media Admin will focus primarily on keeping Facebook Page and OOC group (+) updated with current UT events, content postings, and WoD community news.
Fireside Chief Editor will focus on finding content for Fireside including
Ghostwriter quips, Images, Patron Project Sponsorships, and Plot Teasers.
These positions fall under Communications.
Estimated Work Load- 5/10h/w -Must be able to work collaboratively with as well as independently from Local and National Staff as needed and sign
non-disclosure agreements.
Social Media Admin must monitor the website and be able to respond to social media activity within 24 hours.
Chief Editor must be able to work within a monthly deadline.
Training Available.
The Underground Theater Media Teams will operate locally and remotely to create a first-person, UT C/A/IA Chronicle length video series(more info to come), with the intention of inclusion in Fireside related content.
Ideally, these teams would physically be located anywhere there is a troupe, or near a college. Teams must be able to work remotely with other teams and
individual teams members. (Min 1 Team Leader + team on each coast)
Underground Theater Media Team members are offered compensation in the form of Internship Credit, Gifted Patronage, a “Ghostwriter” Secondary Character, your name in the credits.
Every position listed also has the secondary task of Cultural Health Admin for the
specific purpose of providing constructive 2-way feedback between our troups and Communications.
Do you have a camera phone capable of recording 5+mins of footage at a time? Are you creative? A writer, video editor, camera person, actor, director, or just want to learn and help create positive growth in our community as a whole? This might be for you! Get your feet wet in a fun and challenging community project.

Due to overwhelming demand, we have created a couple of generalized Troupe Flyer templates!

Now any official Underground Theater Troupe can download, modify and/or scan, and print their own official flyers! Just put your Troupe name at the top, game teaser in the middle, indicate your setting (by an underline or circle, scribble out the others, be creative and have fun with the whole flyer!), time, location, basic troupe/site info and your set!

NOTE- While the flyers show changeling as a venue option, and we intend on creating a changeling venue for Underground Theater, we do NOT currently have a changeling venue running right now. We do not have a venue release date for changeling at this time.