Welcome to Fireside! We have a lot going on! Check it out!

!!!Welcome to Fireside!!!

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In the !!Larger Than Local!! we have
UT Charlotte and Greensboro C/A/I
May 31-June 2nd
Hilton Charlotte University Place, King/Double room blocks are $111
Sep 27-29, 2019
Seattle Wa.
More Info Soon!

The Ghostwriters are up to something, what is going on now?

-Underground GhostWriter-
The GhostWriters are
an anonymous network of old and new age Critical Thinkers and Whistle Blowers, presenting a modern masquerade safe analysis of Kindred Society.
What is the Masquerade in this new world of technology, outside of a copy/paste cover up?
Join the Camarilla… We lie better than you…
Join the Anarchs… Do you like pie? We don’t, the Pie is a Lie.
Join GhostWriters. We don’t have shit, We observe things, report, and cover up your fuckups.

Welcome to Underground Theaters Vampire Chronicle 2! 2019-23,
Current (May) Vampire Floor XP-16, Werewolf Floor XP-112

Contact- bod@undergroundtheater.org
Underground Theater is a 501c7 Nonprofit Organization supporting By Night Studios Products http://www.bynightstudios.com
Underground Theater Needs volunteers to make sure everything runs smoothly.
Many may recall projects mentioned that we wanted to launch such as the UT OLARP venue, Fireside Content on Youtube, a new Website Design and a Patrons Handbook Update. We want to let everyone know we haven’t stopped working on them!
To help reflect some of the necessary changes needed to facilitate the launch and finalization of projects, the Board of Directors will be passing duties to its Officers!
It doesn’t matter what your skill set is, the Board of Directors will find a place for you, ALL skill sets are useful! It may be temporary, it may be
permanent, but every officer will be considered as a potential eligible board member and receive the training needed to become a Director. So when a seat needs filled, an officer can take over! BONUS- Most Officer roles can be used on a resume for nonprofit work!
What does this mean? It means Officers and Directors are now skill set based instead of based on a job requirement. This allows the ability to
perfect older skills while learning new skills in order to facilitate, strengthen and grow what we enjoy doing most.
Specific Officer listings coming soon.
To become an Officer, send your Resume and Cover letter to