Patrons of Underground Theater,

I promised you all an update earlier in the week, but things always take more time than you plan. Rather than waiting until everything is 100% together I’m going to go ahead and tell you what’s going on and where we’re headed.

We’ve done some reorganization of the Board of Directors with one primary goal: To break up the assignment of Officer duties from the direct responsibility of assigned Directors. The only two positions that survived exactly as you knew them before are President and Vice President which are held by myself and Andy Humble respectively. As a group we are all now just directors who are responsible for overseeing the organization.

Of course somebody still has to do all of the jobs that were previously assigned to individual Directors. We’ve redefined some of those jobs and made sure to allocate them among ourselves. As a long-term goal though this separation should allow us to look for more people that want to volunteer to do certain jobs for Underground Theater without having to take all of the responsibility of a Board member. It’ll also allow people to become Board members that don’t have any specific officer skills. We believe having more flexibility here will help with the overall health of the organization.

We’re finalizing making all of the write-ups pretty, but here’s a quick listing of the new Officer positions and the initial people holding them:

Chief Story Officer, CSO, Andrew Sayman

Chief Technology Officer, CTO, Andrew Sayman

Chief Patron Officer, CPO, Brandi Roland

Chief Marketing Officer, CMO, Bill Vollmer

Chief Troup Recruitment and Retention Officer, CRO, Brandi Roland

The positions of Ombudsman, Secretary, and Treasurer have changed to become admin positions working directly for the Board of Directors. They’re currently as follows:

Ombudsman – Andy Humble

Secretary – Kyle Anderson

Treasurer – Jennifer Mims

We’ll be updating the website, putting up team pages, and generally making some calls for volunteers on specific tasks as soon as we finish typing and editing everything.

Andrew Sayman
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