By Night Studios recently announced that they’re going to start releasing Volume 2 in pieces. I, for one, am super excited to get some new Vampire content. It’s been a long while!

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Posted by By Night Studios on Friday, April 26, 2019

By Night Studios announcing the new plans for Volume 2

With new content comes a new plan to transition into using it. Ultimately we will be integrating any new material that By Night Studio puts out within this series. The goal is to stick with them and their books with only minor mechanical deviation and those deviations are shared universally. I expect the process to look a little bit like this:

We give a short grace period to allow people to get copies of it. Probably between one and three months. During that time the Content Team does an internal review of it. I expect the storytellers will also be talking about it and giving feedback at this time. We’ll generally avoid large general Patronage conversations about it until we have a deeper impression. Smaller groups coming to some basic conclusions and then presenting those to each other tend to get better results on things like this that a large, free-for-all. Of course we won’t stop people from talking about it, we’ll just make it clear that none of the conversations are considered definitive until something has been agreed upon by the Board, Content, and the Storytellers.

In general we don’t allow anything like a full re-spec outside of the rules present for changing Merits and Flaws. Content will go over it to see if there’s anything that needs to be an exception to this. Whatever ends up being allowed will still be in the hands of storytellers to choose what they allow their individual characters to do.

Angelic Visage was only sort of an exception because By Night Studios released the change with a suggestion for how to apply it. Like with that situation we’ll try to be sensitive to the desires of the Patronage and re-examine it if we make the wrong initial decision.

After the grace period, storytellers get the final say on what a character can change on their sheets within the rules presented. Anybody making a new character gets to use the whole set of the rules as presented by By Night Studios. Naturally this will result in some people upset that they didn’t have the option at the time. This is simply the way of new material that some will have to make hard choices over it.

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