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!!Larger Than Local!!
This will be Underground Theaters FIRST Pacific Northwest National Event EVER!
Sep 27-29, 2019
Primary Site-
Veterans of Foreign Wars 3601 SW Alaska St, Seattle, WA 98126
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West Seattle Inn.
If you haven’t filled out the survey Brandi Rolland posted in the OOC Facebook group about game schedule, go check it out! We want to host the games YOU want to play!

–Midwinter 2020–
Jan 9th-12th
Registration starts Oct 1st!

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Welcome to Underground Theaters Vampire Chronicle 2! 2019-23,
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If you have experience in Website building, as a webmaster or
computer networking, we need you! Underground Theater relies heavily on its various technologies to make sure operations move as smooth as possible. This includes things like maintaining hosting and maintaining the website, wiki, staff e-mails, as well as Yorick (Our Character Database) and Borick (Underground Theaters Discord Bot and interface). If working in technology is something you like to do and you want to help out Underground Theater, send your resume to!
–Underground Theater OLARP DISCORD-
This is your friendly neighborhood quack attack with a
special service announcement.
The Shadows Underground Venue is quickly approaching.
A team of skilled (read:crazy) volunteers are working (read:banging pots
together) on the formation of a Discord server that will shape itself into an online game that is part of the Camarilla venue continuity.
This online game will be treated as a formal domain but played in
a non-traditional (online) manner; it will, for the time, be set as a Camarilla and/or Anarch city. The original idea of game set with stories centered
on outcasts is being tossed out in order to ensure the game is set in continuity and not as a standalone venue.
This game will take place on the Discord app.
At this time I would like to request players begin construction of their characters; players that are interested in being past locals and residents of New Orleans (the official game location) must speak to the OOST first for approval
(read: this is not an automatic approval).
Thank you for being patient in this endeavor, there will be more information to come and we are expecting game start late this month or early next month.
Lucas Skywalkr Butler

Look for Comments in our OOC Facebook group from the OOST Duck!

== The Unpaved Road ==

Underground Theater has very rarely embarked on the task of defining an entire venue for ourselves. When we have in the past it has not been to this degree or scope. Our previous iterations of these sorts of changes to the Independent Alliance came with controversy. With this new venue though we’re putting together something that doesn’t have much content within the By Night Studios books to conflict with.

We ask that every Patron look to this experiment as an opportunity to expand how we play and find what you can enjoy in it. If you can’t find anything you like, then please look the other way and let the Autarks exist at the edge of the shadows as they always have.

Wandering the shadows and outskirts of Vampire society by choice or by force, the Autarkis are present even if unseen. These are the stories of those monsters who hide and
walk the unseen truths.
Policies concerning the Online Venue may have their own requirements and exclusions regarding the Autarkis venue.

Statement of Purpose
“In the beginning, we just wanted to do something different. We were all in love with the World of Darkness and wanted to add more to the Underground Theater’s networked chronicle. However, the place on the map that By Night Studio’s had charted for us didn’t seem to fit in with either of those desires. Feeling that there was more to the universe, we went off the map. We looked to the small blurbs and bylines that exist within passages of the book we had been playing with, looking for something distinct but also something that could fit within the continuity of rules, genre, and themes of both the World of Darkness and Underground Theater’s chronicle.

We balanced the experimental nature of expanding on those corners, with the criteria of, only focusing on necessary changes, adhering to the rules and canon as close as possible, putting social roleplay before “might makes right”, and emphasising a focus on ideas that exist but have rarely been seen in-game setting – let alone a networked chronicle.

Finally, we wanted to use this as a premise, a foundation in which to grow story that was distinct to us, but could be flexible enough to allow others to build different stories (should they be inspired to do so). This is a continuing project where the principles and ideas in this venue must be built upon, as they should be with any venue. We look forward to participating in our small part in forging a new set of stories and expanding upon the shared story with the rest of Underground Theater.”

-Doug Quinn and the UT Olympia Wa Domain

Setting Style Document
Theme, Mood and Scope: Determined by the LST
Default Setting: Experimental (Autarkis/Outcasts)
Allowable Factions: Camarilla, Anarch, Independent Alliance

Clan Rarity Adjustments
Common Clans (available at no cost): Caitiff, Gangrel, Malkavian, Nosferatu, Ravnos, Follower of Set, Tzimisce (Carpathian)
Uncommon Clans (2 point merit): Salubri, Ventrue, Lasombra, Daughters of Cacophony,  Cappadocians
Rare Clans (4 point cost): Assamite, Brujah, Giovanni, Gargoyle, Toreador, Tremere (Telyav), Tzimisce

Gangrel Bloodline Alteration for the Autarkis Setting: The Ahrimanes bloodline are mostly found amongst the autarkis, and have a reduced cost of 2 merit points in the Autarkis setting.

Additional Mechanics
Setting Specific Merits
Emissary to the Camarilla (1 point merit)
Keeper of a Sacred Text (1 point merit): Only clarification is that it does not grant the innate status mentioned.
Dhampir (4 point merit)

Setting Specific Flaws
Soul Shard (3 point flaw)
Escaped Shovelhead (2 point flaw)
Once Enslaved (2 point flaw)

Special Rules and Requirements
Setting Specific Rules
The Autarkis are not an allowable faction for character creation within a default Camarilla, Anarch or Independent Alliance setting. Only a game run as Autarkis as its default setting can utilize these venue rules.

Local Politics and Positions
Positions and titles are self-governed and created by the players with no mechanical benefits or status to support it. This means that the political structure of each Autarkis troupe will inherently be different. This may change at a later date but the venue does not currently use the generic status rules found in the book.

Proxy Rules
All proxies of characters entering an Autarkis domain are to be considered hard proxies.

To account for the potential conflicts that may occur in-character between Autarkis vampires and the other sects, the total amount of proxies from characters outside of an Autarkis venue into the game may never exceed 25% of the games current in-character population.

All Autarkis characters may only teach and learn out of clan Disciplines from fellow Autarks within their home troupe. We are not allowing Autarkis characters to be able to teach Disciplines outside of these parameters at this time.

Autarkis and Social Media Interactions
Outside of their home troupes own facebook group, Autarkis characters may only join the in-character clan groups and any troupe facebook group that allows them to participate. This does not guarantee that members of that clan will welcome an unaligned clan member – online roleplay will be affected due to this Autarkis status.

Policies concerning the Online Venue may have their own requirements and exclusions regarding the Autarkis venue.

Clan Rarity Justifications
A lot of consideration was given to clan rarity costs – on the one hand the venue needed to represent the clans that would most likely be present amongst those autarkis vampires who would find themselves on the outskirts of Kindred society. Access to multiple physical Disciplines as well as less common Disciplines were also a factor in an attempt to find a balance between power and concept, allowing players to portray clans they may not otherwise have the opportunity to portray. The venue needed to minimize the potential of “might makes right” concepts and to focus on the story aspects of each of the clans in the autarkis environment. Each clan in the common or uncommon rarities has either a focus in Mental or Social, or only one physical Discipline along with their spread of Social/Mental focus.

Managing Conflict
An Autarkis venue by default has not mechanics to ensure peace over violence In-Character. It is recommended that a storyteller running this venue take extra precautions to ensure that a “Might makes right” style of play doesn’t dominate gameplay, as it can often lead to a negative play experience. Some suggestions include: a motivating reason to unite, a physical IC space that ensures that combat isn’t the first recourse, creating storylines that lead characters away from conflict, or instituting a stricter character approval process that weeds out combat characters.