Patrons of the Underground Theater,

It’s been a busy summer with lots of things in progress so I wanted to take the time to give an update on just a few things.

Vampire Volume 2 Issue 1

Now that we have a better formatted version of Vampire the Masquerade Volume 2 Issue 1 work has been proceeding among the Content Team to review and look for any obvious problems before they would crop up at our games. By Night Studios has said that they’re going to be doing reviews and revision up to 60 days out from the initial release, so we want to get some feedback in their hands soon.

Early next week I’m going to send the STs a rough draft of a feedback email. The email is for Jason Andrew on behalf of the organization. It’ll go over the most critical feedback we have. I’ll be looking for Storyteller feedback on that with a focus on the most important, fully ambiguous, or inconsistent things we’ve found.

At a later time, probably in late August, we’ll do another pass with the STs where we just try to get all of our questions in. This will have a lower bar and may even include things that we think are balance changes. I expect this’ll be a much larger list and, potentially, more contentious because it’ll be more about opinion than confusion.

With any luck we get all of that in within thirty days to give them time to take our feedback and maybe incorporate our changes. If you have something you think fits into either of those categories go ahead and organize your thoughts and send them to me at

Seattle National Convention

We’ve not done a very good job of keeping you all updated on this. In order to fix that I’m working on a page on the website dedicated to the information we have, building an ongoing program for the convention, and answering any questions that crop up in one place that anybody can check.

Seattle 2019 Underground Theater National Convention

Seattle 2019 Underground Theater National Convention

For now, here are the highlights:

I also want to take a moment to talk about nomenclature. We’re calling it a Convention because we intend to have three National Games, so it’s not just one event game. I was asked about vendors, panels, and swag that other conventions have. We’re going to have swag! Stay tuned!

As for vendors there’s definitely space for those things if people want to host them. If you are a vendor and want some space at the convention, email with a proposal for your participation.

As for panels, we also have some space and time in the slot where there’s not officially games going on. If you have an idea for a presentation you want to make or panel that you want to host you may put together a proposal and email it to

Sign Off

I look forward to seeing everybody there and hope you all are having great games!

Andrew Sayman