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[ Shadows Online ]

The Shadows Underground Chronicle, Second Chance Dirge, has officially started.

Searching in the darkness, we are but creatures of the night, running from the light of day to try and stay out of sight.”

The name of the Shadows Online chronicle is the Second Chance Dirge and will focus on an atypical story in which the city, New Orleans, was cleansed of Kindred and had most traces of their existence completely removed. The Camarilla Court that held the city in a stranglehold, not but a decade ago, vanished with no warning and most of the kindred population with it.

With the city once again open, thanks in part to the Elder Esther Montessori, kindred are able to find a measure of safety in New Orleans; obviously, there is no certainty of a kindred’s survival, but no great rewards come without risk and danger. The city is ripe with oddities and more than strange occurrences, including the mortal agencies aware of the supernatural and horrors that stretch even kindred imaginations.

The lack of a dominant kindred sect left New Orleans in an odd position though. The Independent Alliance and Anarch Movement, seeing an opportunity to establish a new territory, have come into play and a wary alliance of convenience has taken root between the three sects on the surface.


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