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Welcome to another Fireside!
We have had a really busy month last month with UT Con and ALL of the feedback from the event. Out of the swag we do have left (and we don’t have much) we do have a lot of Notebook/Pen sets left so stay tuned!

We also got a lot of pictures and some videos! While the pictures are now being worked on, the video is still being reviewed. Patience though! Watch out for Fireside Part 2 for more UTCon Fun!

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If you have LARP or World of Darkness related projects and would like to see it in Fireside, let us know and send us some images of your work!

Event Registration will begin October 1st for VIP Badgeholders, and October 15th for all other badge types. Both will begin at 12 Noon CST. You are encouraged to sign up for your events in the TableTop.Events system, as this is the official way we track attendees and ensure we have assigned the correct space for the size of your event.

All badge types are available here:  https://tabletop.
Pre-Registration pricing will end November 30th.

The link for the room block at the Hilton can be found here:
No deposit is required at the time of booking.

More info soon!

A lot of crazy things have been going on, and this last month, to focus of those crazy things was Seattle. The GhostWriters sent a reporter to get in and look around!
Words from an Autark- Observations from the inside, on the outside.
A Culty Crypted problem in the eastern US?
Coming Soon!

Current (Oct) Vampire Floor XP-36, Werewolf Floor XP-132
As some of you may know already, Underground Theater has been working on a lot of changes behind the scenes to reorganize its internal structure on how things are run.
The First large change we have already made is how the Directors function.
First, we have reduced the Board of
Directors to only a voting seats. The only exception to this is the President and Vice President for the purposes of legal matters, otherwise, everything is now deligated to
Volunteer Officers based on skill sets.
We will will have more information regarding these all calls in Fireside part 2.

The second major change will be the formatting of the
Patrons Handbook and some of its content.
The first change in format everyone will notice will be that we will have a Patrons Handbook and a Officers/Administration Handbook. This change is to help ease of access and consolidation of information into what a player needs vs what an officer or admin needs, including some tips and tools to help promote a safe and healthy game for UT players.
Lastly, we’ll also be working toward the automation of some
services in order to lessen the workloads of staff as well by utilizing Borick the Discord Bot to help facilitate some officer roles, as well as exploring other viable service options
More information on Officers, the Handbooks, and the Board of Directors in Fireside Part 2

Why A Discord Bot?
While keeping in mind that utilizing Discord and a Bot is still experimental for UT, and is not required, its potential for managing gaming communities (in any form) is far greater than any handful of people. Furthermore, when ready, it’s capable of managing potentially thousands of servers at a time, which opens the doors for our troupes to create there own official discord servers to play and interact alongside OLARP, durring designated times or real-time.

What Officer roles may Borick be helping with?
ST- Borick is currently working on his ST abilities… He can currently help throw chops, and he is learning how to run some basic check-in and feeding challenges!
Boricks developer has also included several other game tools to play games as well! Table Top anyone?

Administration- Currently, you must agree to the standard player terms for online interactions before being allowed into the UT Player/Patron Discord channels or play. He is capable of assigning various roles according to more or less any category on command.
Borick is also potentially capable of helping with troupe and patronage admissions, as well as act as a Help Desk for, if not interface with, Yorick.

Watch for Fireside Part 2!