I’m happy to announce the official integration of Vampire Volume 2 Issue 1 into the organization. The whole book is coming in at once rather than in a piece-wise manner. Storytellers will be responsible for knowing the errata most especially. They will also make the new content generally available at their games.

Storyteller’s may optionally allow their characters to re-spend their points in order to fully take advantage of the new material for the next three months. It’s advised that these rewrites be used to improve the existing character concept rather making them into something completely different. Players also shouldn’t be allowed to do this in order to avoid in-character consequences.

It’s suggested that if somebody is going to do a full re-spend that they completely remake the character in Yorick.

There were new Merits added into Yorick which are just stand-ins for the new Merits in V2 I1. You’ll find a 1, 2, and 3 point version that you’ll need to then specialize into the actual named Merit from the book. Be advised that it’s been reported to me that there are some bugs in the way switching around Merits happens that’ll result in bad experience histories. Double-check these carefully when your players are doing this stuff as those bugs have not been fixed.

We will be adding the following house rules until such time as the final version of V2 I1 is issued by By Night Studios or we receive an answer that supersedes them. As of new a new revision of the book should be coming out within the next week or so, so hopefully all of these addenda and house rules will be short lived!

Animal Retainers may only have one Discipline specialization like other types of Retainers.

The Iron Heart Merit will remove the word “Social” from the description of the challenge. This has the effect that Iron Heart applies to all Dominate challenges as the introductory text implies it should.

The effects of Warrior’s Bond are imparted through Telepathy whether or not you are the initiator. The character with Warrior’s Bond is able to expend a Willpower on behalf of the other character’s they are connected to whether or not they initiated the Telepathy connection.

Only the Stock Location qualities that were in the original book may be taken for a player character’s Haven except Firewall. All of the write-ups from the original book have been updated in V2 I1 except Occult, so, unfortunately, you will have to get the available list from the original core and use the write-ups from V2 I1.

The following text shall be added to Web of Knives: This merit cannot be combined with other Merits that give your character additional in-clan disciplines.